How to Become an Expert with out going to Graduate School

Why wait to have your Doctoral Degree just to become an EXPERT, if you can build the same expertise and gain the same authority NOW.

I might be very too candid to tell you that I ENVY people who have plenty of time to spend in the school and do their research studies and publish their books. I know it’s no fun to envy, but I am a mother and now pregnant with the second baby; can’t have all the freedom I want like pursuing my education because I stop from working and opt to become a full-time housewife. You know what  I  mean. I can’t afford to go to graduate school anymore. And, what for? I don’t need it anymore, now that I don’t have a career to advance.

“Well… anyway it (education) is just a luxury. It becomes a waste of money if you can’t use it.” I thought and tried to convince myself to make me feel better. But, deep inside, I am wishing and hoping that I would never regret whatever decision I make. And, so I redirect my dream to something aligned to my availability (time) and affordability(finances).

Today is very memorable. I’d like to share with you the lesson I learned from reading It is not only teaching me how to do copywriting, but there’s something more on what they have said about ‘BUILDING AUTHORITY WEBSITES’. It  has changed my view about myself and my outlook on life. Yes. They are very effective in telling you what to do. It’s effective to me that it changes me in a split of a second.They have boosted my confidence to keep on learning and just focus on my goals.

Because you know what? (As what I have read…)

No matter how many awards you won from your writing, how many published articles and dissertations you have made, but it’s too expensive to access your expertise, it will be just NOTHING. It will all put to waste when no one can benefit from your study.( Just for the sake of the title and pride). The new trend now is NOT how knowledgeable you are, BUT how willing you are to learn and to share your learning. It is about being generous enough to share with other people. It could be through publishing on a blog your websites or giving lectures and free seminars.  (I feel so hopeful and inspired to keep going after knowing these.) They added that you can be an expert if you don’t stop from learning.  It is true and  I agree. Why do I have to wait to graduate my doctoral degree if I can publish my study on my own? There is much available information online, free online courses (Udemy & Coursera) and books from the library you and I can read. It’s ALL accessible for FREE.14702408_10154634519909573_1707888465637698301_n

Maybe I don’t understand  what you have been through right now. Maybe you might have a different reason why you can’t pursue your dreams. It might be not about education; you might be in different circumstances. I just want to encourage you to  CARRY ON. DON’T STOP. DREAM BIG. Let’s not compare ourselves with other people.Look what I did. I am crashing inside and I am all alone in my depressing state. I keep on reminding myself not to REGRET. I have to make a strong stand of my decision. I want you to use your unique strength (your skills and experience). Maybe through your own unique ability, you can create your own voice and suddenly, you are touching the hearts of many avid readers.

We just need an inspiration (like I what found from reading technical e-books of copyblogger) to awaken and encourage us from being so sorry for ourselves. Get up. Grab an empty sheet of paper. Start writing your new plans, new things, new skills, a new lesson you want to learn by yourselves — at your own pace, at your own time.

Yes. We may not be an expert as Ph.D. but we can have that authority to share good stuff with our fellow online readers.We don’t have to go to school to learn these things. All we have to do is give time to read and read and read and write your thoughts about what you read and add your beautiful and unique experience. I am sure it is worth to share. People will love to hear your story.When someday comes, when people remember you and you will be referred to somebody else. Then, that is a good sign that you  have become an EXPERT on your chosen field– it could be on mothering, being a housewife, about cooking or housekeeping.I am wishing you to have a happy and unregretful life.

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