Should I become a teacher?

Should I become a teacher? The same question I asked after I graduated from High School.I can hardly imagine myself teaching in the classroom dealing with mischievous children. I never wish to become one. All I wanted is to become a computer geek, web developer or maybe a programmer or someday a cyber hacker (just kidding). As long as not to be in trapped in the four corners of the room.

How come I ended up a teacher? Will you call it destiny or a choice?


COLLEGE ADMISSION TIME.I was excited but confused on which program to enroll.  In that community college, where I took my college entrance exam, gave more emphasis on Education majors. My only way to be admitted in the Computer Department was to fail the examination. I wasn’t sure if that was the right idea. Will I be going to play with destiny fairly enough in choosing my career path? Of course not. I don’t want to be in the second best just to be in. If it was meant to happen, it would happen. I would be happy whatever the result may be because I gave my best. And so,  I did well on the interview and test. Finally,  I was fortunate to enroll in the Education Department.

“Should I become a teacher?” –  Answers to this question came very clear to me  during my experiential teaching. There’s a joy in my heart when I listened to my students’ laughter while singing our songs. I know it’s a tough job, and it’s dirty job literally (very tiring), but when the time I have changed a kid’s life is more than worth it. Satisfaction is more than a prize.From then on, my outlook on teaching career is no longer the same. Being an English teacher is not only a commission but a lifetime mission. Because of this experience, teaching is no longer a destiny, it is my choice. I choose to inspire my students to learn and to help them find their purpose in life.

I come across with Zac Poonen’s quote and it says:

Many are called, but few are chosen. But, there are much fewer who are FAITHFUL.

It does hold the same truth – more than thousands of us are called to be teachers (whether they are coerced  or have no choice) but much fewer still who are faithful in their profession. There are teachers who are different – I mean they excel beyond their duties.It easy to be just like the others who are called to be teachers, but it is difficult to be peculiarly faithful.

If you have doubts if you are going to be a teacher or not, I think you should pray for it. No matter you like it or not, when God wants you to be in that mission, He will find a way. He makes things easy for you even how difficult teaching can be. Only your heart can tell you if you should be a teacher or not. If you feel that spark and joy around the kids all day and you are happy watching them grow, you are in the perfect craft.

So, what’s your story? Please leave a comment below if you like to share on how you become a teacher and how you did know that you are called to be one. Thank you, friends, for taking a time to read.


Teacher Cel



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  1. abigail says:

    i love reading your writing. it inspires me a lot. hopefully, one day i will have the same passion as yours in teaching.

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