Lights off stage

Steady moving overhead pattern

House lights on


Voice over:  The competition will start any minute from now. All the contestants and guests students and requested to come inside the gym and take your seats.


Voice over:  Ladies and gentlemen, we are here to witness the highlights of English Festival 2016 – The Search for Mr.  & Ms. Mythical Icon and The Voice.

And this juncture, we would like to request every to stand for our invocation and Philippine National Anthem.


  1. Invocation : AVP Presentation
  2. Philippine National Anthem : AVP Presentation

Voice over:   Live at the center stage, it’s the Mr.  & Ms. Mythical Icon 2016. Please welcome our hosts for this afternoon Ms. Jonabelle Saban & Arvic Gingoyon.

Arvic: A mythical afternoon to each and everyone here. I’m Arvic.

Jonabelle: And I’m Jonabelle Saban. And this is…

Both:The English Festival 2016 Closing Program.

Jonabelle: Good afternoon., Arvic!

Arvic : Good afternoon, Belle! You look quite ravishing today. It’s truly an honor to share the stage with you and hosting the English Festival 2016 Closing Program.

Jonabelle: Thank you! I’m to be hosting this event with you as well, Arvic. Truly, this is the most awaited event for our audience. Now, everybody is excited about the program, right?

Arvic: Absolutely, Belle! They’re probably crossing their fingers abut who’s winning. Isn’t that right, everyone? Well,  can we hear a sh0ut from every grade level starting from grade 7! How about Grade 8! Grade 9 and finally, grade 10!

Jonabelle: It’s clear to see that everybody is excited for the program, Arvin! However, let’s not prolong the agony of waiting. Now, to formally welcome us in this afternoon’s event, none of this would have been possible without his effort and dedication. Let us welcome the responsible, loquacious, highly- intelligent and very talented English coordinator of DVRMNHS, ladies, and gentlemen, help me in welcoming, JEROME Ramirez. A round of applause, please!

Arvic: Thank you so much, sir, for that heart-warming  welcome address. Now, let give it up , ladies and gentlemen, for our lovely and handsome Mr. and Ms. Mythical Icon 2016 candidates in their production number. Le

Together:  Welcome to our much awaited the Search for Mr. & Ms. Mythical Icon 2016.

Jonabelle: To formally open the program, let’s all welcome our English Coordinator and a Master Teacher II, Mr. Jerome O. Ramirez. Let’s give him a round of applause.

Arvic: Thank you,  sir, for that warmth welcome.

  • A production number: Dance (Contestants on their creative wear)

Bright lightning

Jonabelle: Wow! Now this year has surely got it in for us. As we witness our 16 astonishing and mesmerizing candidates for this year’s Mr. & Ms. Mythical Icon 2016. I believe it will be a hard time selecting who will wear the crown for Mr. & Ms. Mythical Icon.

Arvic: Exactly, Belle! Well, to formally introduce the Mr. & Ms. Mythical Icon 2016 candidates, let us call on, pair no. 1.

Live Introduction of Candidates

Arvic: Indeed, they will  have a hard time in betting who wins this and who  wins that. But of course, before we start the competition. Let me call on the woman who will help me in welcoming our caring, loving and confidently beautiful with a heart principal, let’s put our hands together for Dr. Eileen Irina O. Tayactac.

Jonabelle:  Thank you for that ravishing inspirational message, Mrs Tayactac. Now, this wouldn’t be a competition if there was no one to judge, right, Arvic?

Introduction of Judges

Arvic: Precisely, Belle.   So help us decide who among our candidates deserve to the next Mr. and Ms. Mythical Icon, here is the panel of judges:


  • Partner of Sta. Ana. Rivera & Co.
  • Teacher of University 0f Recoletos College of Commerce
  • Tabulator of the Sinulog Grand Parade
  • Best friend of Mr. Jerome Ramirez

Please put our hands together for Elton G. Montecillo.

Arvic: Our next judge is a

  • a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management in USJR and Bachelor of Science in Education major in Social Science with minors in Home Economics
  • Advisor of Student Body Organization
  • He is one of the Region VII’s representative  the international Mind Education Institute in Seoul in the Republic of Korea in April 2016.

Please help me welcome Mr. Bernardino A. Gabiana.

3rd Judge is Cherry Maine Balagtas

4th Judge is Mr. Vince Ty

Lastly, our fifth judge and our chief judge worked as

  • the owner of the Federova’s Bridal shop Lapulapu City & Cebu City Branch
  • board councilor League of the Philippines Cebu City Chapter
  • Barangay Councilor of Barangay San Nicolas Proper Cebu City

We are proud to introduce, Hon. Jojo Alvarado Peralta

There they are! The people who will be responsible for deciding who will be the next Mr. and Ms. Mythical Icon.

Arvic: As of now, we will be presenting the criteria for judging because I’m pretty sure everybody is wondering how the candidates will be judged. Aside from that this pageant is not only merely about glamor and poise but also defies the contestant’s character as well.

Jonabelle: Exactly. So, the official criteria for the Mr. & Mrs. Mythical Icon 2016 will be as follows:

Beauty and Charm – 40%

Poise and Bearing – 30%

Intelligence and Wit – 20%

Audience Appeal – 10%

Both : A total of 100%

Belle : That’s right. And now hat we have introduced the panel of judges and have presented the criteria for judging. We will now be giving details for minor and major awards.

Arvic: First of all,

Belle: Our candidates will receive the following minor and major awards. For minor awards, our lucky candidates will receive the following


  • Best in Production number
  • Best in Casual Wear
  • Mr. & Ms. Congeniality
  • Darling of the crowd
  • Best in Brazilian Attire (ladies)
  • Best in Formal Attire (men)

For major awards, our fortunate candidates will receive a trophy and sash for:

  • Belle: 3rd runner up
  • 2nd runner up
  • 1st runner up

Arvic: And finally, as a grand prize bonus for our Mr. & Ms. Mythical Icon 2016, they will receive sashes, trophies, and brand new cellular phones from Cherry Mobile sponsored by Globe Company.

Jonabelle: Well, I’d love to have that grand prize if you ask me Arvic.

Arvic: (laugh) me too, Belle. However, these awards belong to the candidates. I just wish we’d receive something as hosts. Just kidding.

Jonabelle: You have read my mind. (laugh). And now, to bring you the next level of excitement, as we give you the voice: the final battle as we give you the showdown of finalists. The people who will be singing here on stage have gone through so many trials starting from blind auditions.

Arvic: It was followed by the battle rounds.

Jonabelle: And finally up until now when they will be having their last stand as finalists ad you should find out whether they will make it or not .Please help me welcome, the first team coming from Team Geriza. Let’s give them a thunderous applause.

(Team Fritzie)

Arvic:That was a beautiful performance by Team Fitzie.I can’t  wait t  Please help me welcome, the first up, let me call the team coming from the great and motivating coach Team Fritzie Estrera. Here they are. Let’s give them a thunderous applause.

Arvic: Wow Jonabelle! Did you see that! That was electrifying performance.

Jonabelle:  Absolutely. Am I seeing our fellow school mates? I thought they are indeed a real artist like their coaches.

Arvic: At this point, while our candidates are preparing for their casual and fun wear, here are the criteria for judging of The Voice: The Final Showdown.

Jonabelle: Voice – 30%, Pronunciation – 30%, Timing – 10%, Stage Presence 10 % , Mastery of the Lyrics 10% and Over-all Impact 10%.

Arvic: And a total of 100%.

Arvic:  Alright, since we’ve already presented our panel judges and the criteria for judging. Let us now give you once again the candidates for Mr. & Ms. Mythical Icon 2016 with their casual and fun wear. Let’s us put our hands together for __________. (1-7 pairs)

Jonabelle: Wow Arvic! They are absolutely captivating! These candidates really possess the bearing and poise as they did the walk wearing their casual gowns and attire.

Arvic:  Absolutely captivating! At this juncture, while giving our judges time to contemplate on who is their bet for best in casual wear; let’s move on to our The Voice – Final Showdown to entertain us with their song number.

Jonabelle: Let us put our hands together for the contestants of Team Minerva Yngayo! Why don’t we give them a big big applause!

Arvic: (adlib) Give Comments. Wow! That was the music and real artist Jonabelle! She rocks my world.

Jonabelle: You are undoubtedly definitely right Arvic! They are not just ordinary students. Here’s more Arvic to serenade us with a special song numbers … (STUDENT SPECIAL PERFORMANCE)

Jonabelle: Thank you so much. There you have it ladies and gentlemen. The final showdown of the Voice has concluded.

Arvic: Who is your bet for the Voice guys? Well… we will announce later so better yet stay and enjoy.

At this juncture, we will witness another intermission number by ____________.  (Adlib)

Let’s put our hands together for _________.

Jonabelle: We would like to thank _________ for providing the ________ to our candidates. (adlib)


At this point, let’s have a last look with our candidates, our heroes and princess from the enchanted world with their Brazilian attire.

Belle: Let me call on, Female candidate no. 1-7. Look at how eye-catchy their outfits are. I believe this year’s Mr. and Ms. Mythica l Icon is absolutely amazing.

Arvic:I couldn’t agree with you anymore, Belle. I can just feel the excitement. They truly look captivating and so charming in their Brazilian attire. Giving off a Southern-American feel.

Belle: Definitely, Arvic! Anyway, let’s move on  to the next part after this intermission number to be presented by ___. Here they are. Let’s give them a big hand.

(Intermission number)

Arvic: That was a great performance. Thank you very much for that intermission number. Moving on, we have already seen how the candidates carry themselves in their casual and Brazilian attire, but there is more. We will see something more unique about them when they wear their evening gown.


Jonabelle: My friends help me welcome once again, our candidates in their evening gown (ladies) and formal attire (men). This will be followed the question and answer portion.

Arvic: And once again, give a big round of applause for female/male candidates no. 1 – 7.

Belle: Look at how mesmerizing they are in their formal wear. I must say they look ravishing.

Arvic: You are right. More than beauty and charm, let us see what they have in store for us in the question and answer portion. I know that they have shown their genuine talents making each and every one of them stand out on their own.  After the question and answer portion, we will give the minor awards and choose the top 5 to qualify for the major awards. (Be flexible on this part, adlib is necessary.) Let’s move on to our interview portion.

Again the candidates  will answer a question from our judges, and their answers will determine their places when we announce the next Mr. & Ms. Mythical Icon 2016 later.


Jonabelle:  So please step forward as we call pair no. 1 to pick a question from the bowl a piece of paper. Give it to us and we will tell you the judge who will ask a question. Let’s start with , Mr. /Ms. Candidate no.  _.

Mr. Elton Montecillio: What is the significance of holding competitions, like Mr. and Ms. Mythical Icon to the development of students?

Arvic: Next, we have, Ms. /Mr. _. Pair 2

Mr. Bernardino Gabiana: What is the role of effective communication in promoting environmental protection all over the world?

Pair 3 : Cherry Marie Balagtas asks, ” If crowned Mr. & Ms. Mythical Icon 2016. what advocacy for the welfare of the youth would you like to promote? Why?

Pair 4: Vince Ty asks,” What is your stand on same-sex marriage?

Pair 5: Hon. Jojo Peralta asks,” If you could change our international language which is English, what language would it be and why?

Pair 6: Mr. Vince Ty asks,” How is EDSA revolution relevant to the modern times?

(It turns/ and finally)… etc

Pair 7: Cherry Maine Balagtas asks,” How has communication evolved over time?

Jonabelle: Thank you candidates! That completes the final leg of this pageant! Now, for the moment you ‘ve all been waiting for. We will be heading to the announcement of winners.

Arvic: Congratulations to all the candidates! We from Don Vicente Rama Memorial National High School are so proud of you! Of course, we’d like to thank Globe once again for providing us the grand prize for the reigning Mr. & Ms. Mythical Icon.

Belle: We would like to thank Mrs. Gerisa Bacalla  for giving us the trophy for the Voice: Showdown of finalist winner.

Arvic: Of course, we would like to thank the former student teachers from the University of Visayas for making this event a truly successful and colorful affair namely Mr. Charleston Sarte and selected students who one way or another have helped us. Starting with Keith Ladera, Ardel Apao, Alden Belonta Raymound Sanchez, Caleb Yagonia and St. Lorenzo students.

Announcement of Winners

For our special awards…

Our award will be given by Mr. Bernardino Gabiana. It will be awarded to candidates who best exemplify during their dance production.  Our recipient is no other than candidate no. ___ Mr.  & Ms._______. Each of them will receive a sash. Congratulations!

Our next award is given to the candidates whose beauty and charm surprise us on their chic and brisk casual clothes.

Let us call on Mr. Elton Montecillo to present the award for Best in Casual Wear. These awards are given to the candidates whose beauty and charm surprise us on their chick and brisk casual clothes. And now our winners are none other than Mr. Candidate no. And Ms. Candidate no. __.

Now, let’s call Ms. Cherry Maine Balagtas to present Mr. & Ms. Congeniality. Our next award is given to the candidates who established sincere camaraderie with their fellow candidates throughout this competition.  Our Mr. & Ms. Congeniality are ___________.

And now to complete the set of awards, the candidates who do not only have the beauty of their fantasy costume and they have also the ability to carry a costume with poise and confidence. Our best in Fantasy Costume. Our Mr. & Ms. Best in fantasy Costume are candidates no. Mr.  & Ms. ___.

Belle: Our next award is given to those who have the most appeal to the audience. Our Mr. & Ms. Darling of the crowd is none other than Ms. Candidate no. _ & Mr. Candidate no. _. May we call on Mr. Vince Ty to give the awards.

Arvic: This next award will be given to the candidates who not only have the beauty of their Brazilian attire but also have the ability to carry their costume with poise and confidence. Our best in Brazilian Attire award goes to Mr. Candidate no. _ & Ms. Candidate no. _. May we ask Hon. Jojo Peralta to the honor of giving the award.

Belle: Finally to complete the set of special awards, we  have the best in Gown & Best in formal attire. The candidates who have the most manner and outstanding confidence in wearing their long gown and formal attire. Our winners are Candidates no. _ & _. Once again, we kindly ask Mr. Jojo Peralta to stay on stage to give the award.

Now, in only a matter of minutes, we’ll be moving on to the most anticipated moment of this event… the announcement of winners! Are you ready Jonabelle?

Arvic: Now, in only a matter of minutes, we’ll be moving on to the most anticipated moment of this event… the announcement of winners for the major awards! Are you ready Jonabelle?

Jonabelle: Yes and I feel nervous and at the same time excited! But the question is, are you guys excited to know the winners?

Arvic: Looks like they’re more than ready. The crowd looks very excited. Again, may we call on the top 5 of Mr. & Ms. Mythical Icon 2016.

I hate to see these lovely candidates suffer the suspense some moment longer. Let’s see who is going home with the glory and be hailed as the new title holder. May we call on Mr. Jerome O. Ramirez to announce the winners.

Our 4th/3rd/second runners up are candidates no. ____ Mr.  and Ms ______.

Jonabelle: Now, we are finally down to our two pairs. I am going to call the first runners up first. The pair which will not be called will be automatically hailed as the new Mr. & Ms. Mythical Icon 2016. Candidates, please step forward.

Arvic: We proudly present our first runner up are Mr. __ & Ms.___.

Jonabelle:  Ladies and gentlemen, our Mr. & Ms Mythical Icon 2016 are no other than Candidate no.  Mr. ____ & Ms. ______.

Our The Voice Champion is none other than… please let us shout  for __________.

Arvic: Congratulations to our newly proclaimed Mr. & Ms. Mythical Icon 2016 and The Voice and to everyone who stayed with us, Thank you.

Jonabelle: We would like to thank the committee and staff of English Festival 2016! We would like to thank and express our deepest appreciation to our panel of judges!

Arvic: See you all next year for another enchanting event and mythical beauty, intelligence, talent, and persona. This has been your host Arvic Gingoyon!

Jonabelle: I am Jonabelle Saban and this Mr. & Ms. Mythical Icon 2016.



 Credit : Edited and most wordings are freely expressed and written by the talented Emcees themselves, Arvic Gingoyon & Jonabelle Saban.



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  1. This is very helpful! I’ll be hosting a pageant night very soon and I had no idea what to do. Thanks so much for sharing this! More power to you!

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