Visioneering : A Reaction Paper

God’s blueprint and maintaining personal vision

By: Andy Stanley


I agree with Andy Stanley who believes that vision is a divine potential and resources. It is impossible to achieve our dreams and vision when it is not God’s will.  We have to make sure that our vision is vertically-driven because this makes our dream authentic. In fact, there are 4 ways in weaving our vision. First, you should have passion, which emotion like excitement drives you to be committed to your vision. Next, it is the same vision gives you motivation because this sets the direction of your life. Finally, this direction will give you a sense of purpose.



However, if we fail to investigate the source of vision, we might be motivated by our selfish desire that results to bad actions and selfish vision. I am convinced that Godly vision makes us spiritually matured because through this God is working in our life. He is using us for His greater purpose, and all His plans are good for us. Aside from that God’s will, this prompting may or can be a solution of a problem.  For a example, a vision of a King in Thailand who used to play soil and made a small irrigation system. He never imagined that this play time becomes reality. Now, this dream becomes a real solution of the agricultural crisis of his people. How much more if you let God intervene in this great vision? I am sure he can do greater than this.

We are not like the King or other servants of the Lord who are very persistent about their dreams. Sometimes circumstances and discouragement kill our vision. We should try our best not to give up on this. Try our best to keep our  visions alive.  How? First, we should pray for favor and opportunities because if it is God’s will, He will give you potential players to make your vision works. As the Filipino saying I quote,” Nasa dios ang awa, nasa tao and gawa ( Mercy is in God’s and Work is in men’s). This proves that God wants us to plan through a step by step strategy or detailed set up to be prepared when he gives an opportunity to test that vision. This is what he meant about doing something while waiting.

Me,   to what extent can I give my life to that?  I would give all if I know this is God’s will. Most of the time, we confuse success with rewards, and we tend to abandon our dreams. My dream is to build a school of my own; I will give all my resources for my dreams and to fulfil god’s purpose. I have to remind myself that this is not about me any more. My school is for God and for His people.I am sure His leading will be more than just building a school, but to build lives.






What do you think?

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