Spiritual Leadership : A Reaction Paper


Spiritual Leadership

O Sanders. (2007)Spiritual Leadership: Moody Publishers. Chicago IL (208 pages)


By defining Spiritual leadership in J.O Sanders way, we would have accepted that this is motivated by the burning desire to be effective in the service of the lord.  The idea of making God as your ultimate boss would make your motives right. This is not bound from selfish ambition to be in the position. If that is so, your center would be God, not yourself. It is really hard to manifest Christ-like behavior because you have tendencies to look into what is beneficial for you and not for others.For example, a teacher in the classroom who are leading 50 students. A spiritual teacher would ask God’s intervention on how to influence and inspire her class by preparing her lessons well and giving her best every day.  On the other hand, a teacher who has selfish motives will tend to be lax and who works less unless when there is a reward like promotion.

I quote A.W. Tozer,”a true and safe leader is the one who has no desire to lead, but it is forced to the position by inward leading of the Holy Spirit and press circumstances.” Now, the question is do we have this urges from the Holy Spirit? God is not expecting us to be perfect. He even chose the imperfect leaders like Moses, Gideon, and David with average strength and faith. However, they are ready to bring the church confidently, and they have the spirit of servanthood like Jesus. Today, God looks at our heart if we are prepared for leadership by testing your faith. He will filter your character over and over again to surface your real and authentic motive in leading. One way to test you in fire is when you face an unethical situation and your heart desires will manifest from the kind of decisions you make.

Can you correct injustices of justice?

Can you manage your family and children to obey and respect you?

Can you balance, church, mission, and family?

If you are a pastor who is financially broke and having difficulty in feeding your family would you compromise your integrity by preaching about tithes and stealing the money of the people? I know it is easy to say than done. It is hard to trust God when you are in a difficult situation, and God seems quiet and far to hear your prayers. As a leader, we should soak ourselves in prayer and ask God that grace to be like Jesus and may the Holy Spirit shake off your weaknesses that hold you back from becoming a spiritual leader.



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