Developing Leaders: A Reaction Paper


 John Maxwell emphasized on his book that your success as a leader determines the success of your employees or students or your people. It is not enough for him to have a vision, energy, drive and conviction without the people who putting you at the pedestal. Because of this desire to be successful, we need to develop leaders around us. If you become fruitful and the students you have been mentored are now producing leaders carrying your philosophy, then you can claim that you are successful person whether in your non-profit organization, small business, fortune 500 companies or even the people whom others think are useless in your Barangay like John.

To get there – successful leader with their members, we have to nurture our relationship with .our subordinates, so we can transform and touched their lives by making them feel how much we care for their growth and success. Because you want them to be like you who have that passion to serve the Lord, continue and do not give up even how strong the storm comes. Just believe in the potential of your people, encourage them to do better, and share your resources and be generous with your time and trust their creativity that they can perform at their best. I am sure they will surprise you on how you make them great.

Of course, it is absolutely hard to do all these things to others when in fact, it is hard for you to believe in yourself, you tend to be discouraged and you feel that no one has trusted you. As the old saying says, you cannot give what you do not have, but you can give more because you know how it feels having nothing. I just actually put two says together. But my point remains on idea of fixing ourselves first, fix our heart and soul first, and then, develop our leadership skills by continuing your quest to self-development, and then, mold them to the kind of leader that God wants them to be,

Your qualities as a leader will resurface in your life, and you will shine among the people you are leading. For example, members would follow you when he knows you have credible track records, and have inspiring family life. However, we cannot deny the fact that some leaders have mismanaged their lives. Some of them are probably cannot cope with their quarter life or mid-life crisis – all sorts of crisis.  We should keep developing ourselves to be better by letting God and leaving all the worries to him. Someday, we can maintain our composure and calmness in God who strengthens us because He can do all things and He can change us spiritually to be the leader who can develop leaders around us.


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