Reading, Writing and Performing Poetry January 25, 2010 Kitty Johnson

Poetry Workshop by Pooja Nansi 3
Poetry Workshop by Pooja Nansi 3 (Photo credit: Steel Wool)



Poetry Slam


Kittty Johnson discussed the kinds of poetry, which we can use in English class Activity.The first activity is’ everyday object‘ where students have to bring ordinary objects to life. They write about the object they pick. Next, adopt a different point of view –  to write from a point of view other than their own. In addition, we have Haiku– a Japanese form of poetry  has 17 syllables divided into 3 unrhymed lines using the formula 5-7-5. And finally, the Cinquin, which has  five lines that is about local event, national holidays, favorite activities or anything they choose.


They perform all the activities through a program what so-called POETRY SLAM. It seems interesting to introduce to students because here they can share their own poems in a short time. This makes reading writing and reciting poetry fun.


Poetry reading is motivates to use in discussing figures of speech, poetry imagery, language and vocabulary and even parts of speech. Therefore, there are many lessons you can bring when you introduce poetry to students. This will train them to write and read and it will encourage morals, which they can apply in life.



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