ACS 5: Story Telling : Coat with many Colors-9/22/2015

How far could you remember painful experience back in your childhood years? Me, I can’t remember anything happen then,  but I can tell you how painful it is when it happens to my own. When my baby had her first immunization, it was painful for me. Had I wish to take the shot in her behalf and I am willing to take the pain. There couldn’t be more painful than seeing your own child suffer and you want to do is to rescue her/him. Mothers as we are have ferocious instinct to protect our children. Would it be wrong if we save them from pain or should should we let her go through it?


Even though our children have to go through series of trials and struggles, God is very faithful to us. He gives us the life of Joseph to have something for parents to hope for and something to encourage our children to carry on. He had experienced greater pain in life, but he had overcome hardship. He is good, thoughtful,and faithful youngest son of Jacob. He was pleased with him, so he gave him a coat with many bright colors, made somewhat like a long cloak with wide sleeves. It is very beautiful that this reminds his brothers that their father Jacob favors him. This coat of many colors makes his life a colorful one because they are jealous of him and to the point of wanting to get rid of him.IMG_1551-0
One day, he was looking for his older brothers to help his father in finding them. After walking 5 miles and finally he found them, his brothers had put his life at risk. These are the words they uttered.
“The dreamer is coming. Come let us kill him. Throw his body and tell father that a wild beast has eaten him.”

Reuben said,” Why not just leave him in the pit to die.”

Judah said,” Let us sell him him for 20 pieces of silver.

Even his own brothers whom he trusted and loved, betrayed him.

Betrayal must be the most painful thing could happen to me. I couldn’t think straight and it might be hard for me to trust God, but not Joseph He trusted His sovereignty and he kept on holding the truth that He is in control of his life. Even these men who bought him from his brothers sold him again to the officer of the king named Potiphar who treated him nicely as a friend. He entrusted him his house and he let him rule over the servants. In that moment of his life, you can see how God’s hand works on his.
However, God is not finish with him. His faith has been tested again. Potiphar’s jealous wife tried to seduce him, but he refused from her advances. Instead, she accused him falsely of harming her that this made her husband so angry at Joseph that he put him in prison.
“This is too much God. Why did you allow him to go through this? – his family betrayed him, they sold him twice to become a slave. This is unfair. ” If I were his mom, that would be my lamentation. But amazingly how he can still flow with God even in the dark prison he can pray and he trust him that things will someday put in place.

One day, the King took him out from the prison asking him to interpret his dreams. Suprisingly, none of his wise men could interpret the way he did, he  warns the king to prepare for the 7 years of plenty and 7 years of hunger. Of course, The king knows that his wisdom is coming from God, so he entrusted Egypt and he planned on how to survive for that 7 years of hunger. Things was easy for him because of his experience as Potiphar’s servant. All his hardship and bad experience have been paid off. God equipped him to be a victor and a winner.
Being a winner is not about power and wealth. For God being a winner matters on the condition of your heart. Has he forgiven the people who hurt him? That was the last testing of Joseph’s faith was when he had to face his older brothers. He cried so much loud with full of anguish and pain – the kind of weeping- is the true sign of letting go. God healed him then and freed from bitterness against the people who hurt Him. He continued weeping and hugging his Brothers, father and his new youngest brother whom they all loved , Benjamin.
Fellow mothers, would you let your children wear a coat with many colors -sadness, disappointments, struggles, conflicts, sorrow? Or would you rather wear it for them? If you look at Joseph’s life, this coat made him fly. From human wickedness of his brothers, the foul lie of Potiphar’s wife which put him in prison, the ingratitude of the butler which left him forgotten for two years in prison – all these wrongs from others, God will transmute these to blessings. If God happens to be faithful to Joseph so as to our children. Therefore, as a mother I will just think that these problems are opportunities for my daughter to trust and understand that God has a greater purpose for her life.


What do you think?

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