Evaluation for Basic Speech 9 : Charity for Cheapstakes

If you have a magic wand would you wave it to give something for the needy? It was TM Garik who is willing to give all what he has to give education to all children and to save our planet earth. Good evening Fellow TM and hello TM Garik. Tonight, TM Garik openned his soul to us that he is a person who care for this cause. That magic wan captures our attention and I love how you connect to the audience by asking them questions. The way you did that is very commendable.
TM Garik, you have chosen a beautiful topic to encourage us to give hope to other people. I think for you being proficient in an English language having that clear articulation helps me to understand how this tab for a cause works. As far as I understand, you are convincing us to use this tab to help. It would be more convincing if you give us 3 proofs or evidences coming from tab for cause site who has been helping recently as you know we are very skeptical or if you have personal testimony after clicking the tab where does your money go. At the end, invite them to click the tab with a bang like ” You don’t need a magic wand to help, it is just a click away. Click tab for a cause now. You never know that click would save lives.”

Second I recommend that you practise standing quite still, in a balanced, relaxed manner like this. [Demonstrate the stance.] Do that for a whole speech. Then when you can do that instinctively, introduce planned movement and your hand gestures which will reinforce and enhance your content. 
Congratulations TM Garik! I love your speech opening and its cause. It captures my heart especially you are showing pictures and very comfortable in using visual aids. I do believe you practice with this.
I am so excited to see you on your graduation speech. Let’s give TM Garik a bit of applause.


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