Final Presidential Address: The Value of a Lost Coin

How many of your here have kept a single peso? If ever you have lost one, would you care? Of course, you don’t coz you got many. But what if you have only 10 like the woman in the parable of coin who has 10 silver coins and lost one?

Dear Visiting toastmasters, Members of TM at Cebu South, Dynamic, and Omega, and Guests

Thank you so much for attending our induction party tonight. In particular I would like to express my appreciation to …

For gracing this special occasion. THANK YOU.

Incoming and outgoing club officers, Fellow Toastmasters, Ladies and Gentlemen a blessed evening to one and all.

There was a woman who has ten silver coins and she loses one. Could you imagine how she felt when she lost it? She was sad, worried and even had sleepless nights. And so, she lighted a lamp just to look for that one silver coin. She swept the house and searched carefully until she found it. After she found, she called her neighbors to celebrate.

Isn’t the story very much like Toastmaster?

Before I join TM, I felt like a cheapen peso which no one cares to pick up. Not until last year  when I became the President of Cebu South. And, it is my pleasure to give my sincere thanks to all of you (Midtown, Taipan and Sinulog, Abacus, Omega TMC representatives) who contributed in adding value to myself, to Cebu South and to a successful and unique TM year. I have enjoyed and have moved with your great love the last twelve months. It was the toughest year of my TM life. It seems I didn’t make much leeway on the progress and weathered some rough patches when I had the baby, but here I am – I came out stronger because of you I didn’t give up.To the members and officers, thanks to your high commitment and competence. We able to do our President’s distinguished Award.

For our Competent Communicators, TM May, Dave, Jestoni, Charles

For our Advance Communicator award- TM Charlotte

Our new-found friends in the club who help us to earn Smedley Awards and Talk up award* TM Aubrey, Nino, Lalaine, Clavey, Sam. Thank you so much.

These awards and titles are the result after we focus on adding value to one another. I am so much bless to have the best players in the team who make difference in the lives of the non-TM guests and fellow members.

We have TM May, our VP-ED who always makes us feel accountable to our goals and commitment to attend meetings. She is very creative in encouraging and watching us when we slip on our commitments because she gave speeches on “TRANSFORMATION/ CHANGE.

TM Jestoni who is an assistant VP-Ed is very generous with his knowledge. In fact, he helped TM Charles with his speech. He must make us feel valued when he delegates us with the task and role.

TM Cecil, our PAST PRESIDENT who always help me to led in accomplishing the task. She organized training/lectures for the members to master the skills. There are points in my life that I can’t pull off as the President. She was there to allow me to have a taste of glory. It was her who convinced me not to GIVE UP! Of course, our training won’t possible without our resident teacher/trainer TM Des who taught us how to craft impromptu speeches.

Of course… who made the club so proud and who promote the value of team work, valuing and winning – TM Dave and TM Charles who represented the club to Area Contest. That experience is an opportunity for us to add value to these people. They allow us to let them feel they are very important and what they are doing are so important for the club. Everybody showed up including TM Ruby to celebrate with them and show how selfless Cebu South can be.

All in all… what is the greatest achievement during my term of service? It is my team I am with the best players who knows how to value themselves by improving themselves in speaking and leading day by day and are ready to add value to people.

Finally, if there’s one thing I would like to leave Cebu South, it is the desire to add value to people. I want that to be our club statement. We have to model it and change the culture. In fact, TM Rodel, TM Jojo and TM Faye (reinstated members) having them back is very significant success during my term.

Pondering upon your great contribution, I have recognized why we are in Cebu South – that is to look for that lost silver coins –  looking for people who want to make a difference. If we found them, we will celebrate. I am sure, TM Charlotte would be very energetic to see them. With her twinkling eyes and sincere smile would make them feel welcome and they would say ,” I belong.”

To Pres. Dave, I would like to pass on to you this valuable silver coins that I found- the CSTM members. Rest assure that we shall help you to fulfill the club goals and produce valuable results because you are valuable to us.

It has been my pleasure to find you.

Toastmaster of the Evening.


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