Relearning to Exercise your Brain

Why do we forget things we previously learn? This was the question I asked myself while taking the Grammar pre- test. I know I have learned them many times in school and even have taught them for ages. However, for that very moment, I have realized I have stopped exercising my brain since I left school.

It is true that learning stimulates your brain to think and to remember things. In fact, exercising your brain is very clear to help you to increase recalling and creating solutions. That is why, there is a great need for us to exert effort to understand, memorize and solve to master that thinking skill, as a result, we able to retain what we have learned. The first night in TESOL 1 class was the turning point of my life because there are certain grammars that  I need to learn again and to review. Then, I told myself, I have regretted that I stop learning. I should have continued studying even how life struggles discourage me to go on.

I have started with the challenging pre-test. I even had a hard time transforming sentences to questions. However, I have to carry on and to finish the pre- test though I got my head spinning and getting stuck on the verb tenses. Then, when I checked my answers, I was saddened with the scores, but at the back of my head and I know God has been telling me this, ” Focus on Me.” I am not only doing this for myself , but for God who brought me here. He brought my knees to pray hoping that I may retain every lessons and readings I have made. When I need to go back to my workplace to teach these five topics which I find difficult to answer during the pretest – VERBS PRESENT, VERBS PAST TIME, PREPOSITION, ADVERBS and CONJUNCTIONS, I would have that confidence to teach.

Yes, there are some point in my life when I lose my motivation to learn. It is life struggles that made me decided to stop learning – lazy exercising my brain as a result I tend to forget the skills and lessons that I used to have. I lost them because I didn’t practice. On the other hand, there is always second chance that I should have focus on God’s approval and doing the best brain exercise with my post-test on verbs lesson. I know He will give me strength to go on with this test. Let see how I do.


What do you think?

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