Graduation Ceremony 2013-2014 Script

Prelude & Processional Music


  • Before we begin this ceremony, let me remind you to turn your cell phones to silent mode and be courteous around you.
  • The Don Vicente Rama Memorial National High School and Basak Community Night High School 2014 Graduate Commencement Exercises are about to begin.
  • Good morning everyone. This has been teacher Cel and I’ll be your host for today. I’m delighted to be here to our 2013-2014 ­­Commencement Exercises.
  • You know why I am very delighted? It’s because graduation day is always a day of rejoicing for it marks the conclusion of our educational journey and the commencement of another more uncertain and more difficult part of man’s quest for a better life and future.
  • Friends, welcome to the Commencement Exercises of Don Vicente Rama Memorial National High School and Basak Community Night High School.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand for the academic procession.


(Graduates  enter and circumstance plays)

Leading the processional this morning, we welcome the graduates from Don Vicente Rama Memorial National High School and Basak Community Night High School with their advisers.

Starting with…

*St. Augustine with their adviser Mrs. Mary Jane D. Cabiluna and Einstene with their adviser Ms. Luz  G.Zapanta

Next in line…

*St. Benedict with their adviser Mark Oliver B. Murillo and Newton with their Mrs. Yelyn B. Uy.

*St. Catherine with their adviser Mrs. Anabelle M. Villaver and St. Michael with their adviser Mr. Warren P. Verzalez.

Tailing next,

*St. Dominic with their adviser Mrs. Josephine S. Abadiano and St. Nicholas with their adviser Ms. Juvelyn J. Miasco

* St. Elizabeth with their adviser Mrs. Flora L. Concina and  Athene with their adviser Mrs. Jacqueline A. Valleser.

* St. Florian with their adviser Mr. Santos A. Sayson  and Bacchus  with their adviser Mr.  Noel A. Nacorda

*St. Ignatius with their adviser Ms.Amilyn C. Canoy and Chiron with their adviser Mrs. Naome Regis

*St. Lorenzo with their adviser Mrs. Cherryll B. Dacayana and Socrates with their adviser Janeth Abanyo

* Plato with their adviser Melagrosa Geslaga  and Aristotle  with their adviser Rita Aguirre

* Tailing next are the graduates who excel in their academic endeavors,the honor students with their proud parents.

  • Next in line are the Pillar of the Cebu City Division
  • DepEd Officials,
  • PTA officials,
  • Faculty, Administrators
  • and Guests.
  • Up next, bringing the marking of our identity, we have Mrs. Ma. Laarni B. Narboada ( the School Registrar (Day) and Mrs. Marcela A. Algadipe (School Registrar- Night)
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the entrance of colors.

National Anthem

Let’s remain standing for the National Anthem to be led by our beautiful and talented MAPEH teacher, Ms.  Juvelyn J. Miasco.


  • As we begin our program, let’s give thanks to God and offer this momentous occasion. May we hear the doxology from Special Program for the Arts.

That was heart warming. Right?









Welcome and Introduction
The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.  ~Aristotle That’s why right now calls for a great celebration of the fruit of your success. And there are also people who were instrumental of your success that we should be thankful for this morning because they put you up and suppported you through out this time.

Members of the graduating class, advisers, DepEd officials, Faculty, Administrators, and guests good morning and welcome to our  Don Vicente Rama Memorial National High School and Basak Community Night High School 2014 Graduate Commencement Exercises.

It’s always pleasure to have family and friends of our students visiting our campus. Welcoming you here for this morning’s event is especially meaningful as we honor our graduates and celebrate their achievements.

For the information of everyone, Commencement also provides an opportunity to recognize outstanding faculty and Staff – who are dedicated to providing the highest quality education and to making a positive difference in the lives of our students. Would the representatives of faculty rise? (Pause) please join me in saluting our faculty with a round of applause. (Applause)

We would like to thank DepEd officials, Cebu City officials and PTA officials for their ever undying support for our school. Let’s give them around of applause please.

Of course, those who deserve the most recognition are those who graduate today. Those who entered this room as students and who will leave as Don Vicente Rama Memorial National High School and Basak Community Night High School alumni. Let’s give them a thundering round of applause.

Lastly, a special thanks to members of the Commencement Committee who spent many long hours planning this day and to the many others that have helped to organize and plan this commencement.


Ladies and Gentlemen, to formally open and to give us the words of welcome, it is my distinct privilege to introduce to you our honorable PTA President, Mr. Nelson G. Tantano. Let’s give him a round of applause.

Thank you for that warmth welcome Mr. Tantano.

And now, let’s move on to the Presentation of candidates of graduation. Actually, Commencement is a special time for our graduates who completed the requirements of graduation. Now, may I call on our dearly beloved Dr. Eileen Irina O. Tayactac, our School Principal and Mr. Juan Damasceno D. Villaver  the School head, Don Vicente Rama Memorial National High School Night. And, Engr. Lolito Tolero, School head, from Basak Community Night High School to present the candidates for graduation.

This will be followed by the recommendation for confirmation of candidates for graduation headed  by Mrs. Rizalinda Cairo, PSDS OIC -South District 1.

Afterwards,  the confirmation of candidates for graduation will follow. To be given by our well-respected School Division Superintendent Dr. Rhea Mar A. Angtud.

Thank you so much for that. That was the presentation of candidates for graduation.

Presentation of Certificates & Diplomas

At this juncture, dear graduates the merit you have been waiting for has finally come. You will receive your prizes diploma and symbol of your success.

  • May I request Dr. Rhea Mar A. Angtud, Schools Division Superintendent with Mrs. Rizalinda A. Cairo our Public School District Supervisor assisted by Dr. Eileen Irina O. Tayactac to assist the distribution of diplomas.
  • I now invite the advisers to call on the names for the awarding of certificates and diplomas. First on our list, we have Ms. Luz Zapanta from 4th Year Einstine.
  • This concludes the awarding of certificates for the Graduates.

And now, we will proceed to the …

Awarding of Honors

It has been said that the quality of person’s life is in direct proportion to his or her commitment to his excellence, which results to the sweetest fruit of their success, AWARDS.

Once again, may I request Dr. Rhea Mar A. Angtud, School Division Superintendent to be assisted by Mrs. Rozalinda A. Cairo and Dr. Eileen Irina O. Tayactac.

Honor Students for Science Class:

Valedictorian, Mae Englie A. Benlot

Salutatorian , Bernil O. Padigos

1st Honorable Mention  Richvan Lemuel V. Abadilla

From Regular Class

Valedictorian, Mark Dizon M. Megio

Salutatorian , Rose Ann P. Ebesa

1st Honorable mention, Nina Joy B. Mag-usara

2nd Honorable mention, Johanna Mari Sayson

3rd Honorable mention Aubrey Jane  Agapay

4th Honorable mention Jecca Mae S. Pejana

5th Honorable mention Kinth D. Hesto

6th Honorable mention Jeyselle Rose D. Calo

7th Honorable mention  Artneo Macalos and James Y. Saludario

Regular Class Night

Valedictorian, Laurice Marie Gabiana

Salutatorian, Reggie Mae Oling

1st Honorable mention, Maria Terisa Romeo

2nd Honorable mention Noemi Grace Canyedo

With Honors , Eldie Egdamen

Basak Community Night High School

Valedictorian , Angelica C. Malinao

Salutatorian , Bernard Joseph P. Sarsaba

1st Honorable mention,  Generica M. Banguis

2nd Honorable mention, Honey Rose M. Baguio

With Academic Distinction from IV Einstein

Capin, Ma. Nilyn M.

Quevedo, Edward

Cabreros, Alexis John

Felisilda , Sheena Mae

Quijote, Lovelyme

Obiedo, Ian Jethro

Ibondo, John Schwarze

Gonzales, Krezia Kyle

Second Batch

Rances, Roseller Jose III

Penyalosa, Dennis Jr.

Vergara, Raven Dave

Calumpang, Patricia Mae

Del Rosario, Blessa

Gargoles, Samuel

Third Batch

Sanceja , April Jane

Rogero, Charisse

Remedios, Gerlyn

Manugas, Jezhiel Mae

Duran, Charline

Mendez, Camille Erika

Navaja, Christine

That ends the awarding of Honor Graduates. Once again, let’s give them a round of applause.

Now, we will listen to inspirational messages from our Cebu City Parents…

  • I am pleased to introduce our unbeatable School Division Superintendent, Dr. Rhea Mar A. Angtud for her inspirational talk. A round of applause please.
  • Now, we may listen to our Cebu City Mayor Hon. Michael Rama for his words of encouragement.
  • Not only our Mayor who loves our graduating class, we have our Congressman to motivate us to reach our dreams. Please let’s put our hands together for Hon. Rodrigo Abellanosa.

After the very heart warming messages from our Cebu City Parents, next is the pledge of loyalty. The Class will be led by our Salutatorian from Special Science Class. Please welcome Bernil O. Padigos. Let’s give a round of applause.

Thank you so much Mr. Padigos.

At this juncture, this is what we are waiting for. The highly emotional part, the valedictory speech. There are bound to be a lot of tears to remember the end of high school. Right?

To express her sentiment first for batch 2014, please welcome The Valedictorian of Special Science Class, Mae Engelle Benlot

Thank you Ms. Benlot.

To give our graduates arousing valedictory speech, let’s put our hands together for Laurice Marie Gabiana from Night Session.

Thank you Ms. Gabiana.

Another valedictorian from Basak Community Night high school to remind us to hold on to our dreams. Please help me welcome, Angelica Malinao.

Thank you Ms. Malinao.

The last but not the least, the valedictorian of Don Vicente Rama Memorial National High School Regular Class, Mark Dizon Megio, who will move us with his inspiring valedictory speech, let’s give him a thundering round of applause.

  • Tribute to Parents
  • “I love you Mama and Papa.”

Thank you Mr. Megio.

Take it from these powerful valedictorians. As they reminded us that graduation is the end of one chapter and beginning of another. So, embrace their words and your future!

After that heart warming and touching tribute song, I’ll be alright. Another graduation song that will inspire us to go on. In fact, music is the expression of the soul. It moves emotion and feels with movement of tears. Through the song that emphasizes that if you believe, everything you dream, will come true.Let’s all sit back and enjoy as we watch the graduating class perform to sing, This World is Yours.

The Closing has finally arrived. Tomorrow, new challenges and opportunities await for our graduates that will further test their meetles as improving individuals.  Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our Barangay Captain of Basak San Nicholas, Hon. George Rama.

Thank you Sir.

Up next to give another closing message Barangay Captain from Basak Pardo, Hon. Yolandito  Cagang.

Thank you Sir.

Announcement: The enrolment and Brigada possibly will start in 3rd week of May.

My dear Graduates, as you continue your journey, may you look back to this stage in your life with fondness and pride.May God fill your hearts with love because that love will take you further in life.  Graduates, congratulations!

This concludes the 18th Commencement Ceremony. God bless and thank you for coming.

Please rise for the Exit of Colors.

Ladies and gentlemen, The recessional…

Leading in line, Guests, DepEd officials, Administrators, Faculty, PTA officials, Parents and graduates.

 hosting hosting 2


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  1. jpm1994ict says:

    Hi Ma’ am Cel! Your blog post is very helpful 🙂 Gonna use this for our commencement exercises, just want to say thank you for this. More power and Godbless! ❤️

    1. maricelmar says:

      Good luck to your hosting. Keep practising.

  2. Earl Labitad says:

    Poor choice of words. Uniformity and simplicity may have been a better approach than using words such as “unbeatable School Division Superintendent” or “arousing valedictory address”. The use of highfalutin words will only make your speech appear pretentious. See what I did there? Please improve this.

    1. maricelmar says:

      Thank you sir. I think I agree with your suggestion.

  3. Thelma R. Magana says:

    Hello po. Good day! Ma’am, please allow me to use parts of your scripts for our commencement exercises. Thank you and God bless.

    1. maricelmar says:

      Sure. Just don’t forget to follow. God may bless your hosting.

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