Speak Up : CSTMC President’s Report Jan. 27,2015

SPEAK UP is an idiomatic expression that means to speak out something. For example, when you know it is wrong, we have to SPEAK UP. In Toastmasters, we are trained on how to speak up the truth in a right and creative way whether in personal or professional conflict. It is because we believe it is always powerful to speak up than to resent in silence.

SPEAK UP – I always ask myself, “What is the best time to tell the truth? Here in Toastmasters I have not only learn how to say it, but also when to say it. For example, if you reprimand,do it privately; but if you praise, do it publicly. Right now is the best time to publicize my congratulations to our new members who have made from being toastmasters guests to officially toastmaster members. On behalf of CSTMC, Congratulations _____________ and ___________!

Moreover, I would like to thank our officers who have attended the recent leadership training last January 24, 2015 at Echo Tech Lahug. Because of your participation, TM May, TM Cecil, TM Dave, we earn another DCP points.

Of course to everyone, I would like to speak up my appreciation of your effort in getting the most out of toastmasters – by attending club meetings and trainings. For our way of saying thank you, we will schedule very soon our membership orientation titled, “Heart Talk” our valentine date on February 16, so we will give you a full understanding of what is TM exactly is.


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