Advanced Speech no. 4: I Kill Him –  January 20, 2015 – Evaluator Dess

Everybody say I am beautiful. I am sexy. I am a head turner and my beauty like goddess Athena. I know guys love my beauty. Don’t you know that I look like Anne Cortez. I can dance and I can sing. I can make guys go mad.

Why are you looking at me? Are you judging me? It’s not my fault being beautiful. I just wanted to use my beauty to search for the right guy. Is it wrong to fall for the perfect person?

Beep –beep… Here he is! I am sure it’s Ben. Yes, I’m coming. I am so excited for this.

“Hon, are you there?  Hmmm… That’s my husband. “I wanted to pee.”

Hey, honey I need to go. I am in hurry.

Please… I need to pee.


I am tired of this. I wanted to be free. His being physically incompetent consumes me. I hate my life like this.  I wanted to be free.

“Please help me… Okay, I just have to let him sleep. Should marriage be unconditional and never be broken?”

Yes, I loved him and I thought I was. I thought I ended with a perfect man- rich, handsome and a man who loves me for real. However, it’s so quick and I hate him now and I hate God for what happen. It just all happened one night after our wedding, when he had a stroke and then, he became paralysed. God why did you do this to us? Can you blame me? Will you hate me? I have my needs too. Just call me whatever you want- Selfish!
It’s quiet now and I think my husband has fallen asleep. I will leave you all there, I have to go. I have to see Ben. Yes… Ben, I am coming.

At the dance party with Ben, I dance all night. You see this is the life I want to live. Ben is good lover. But when I went out to freshen up,  I saw Ben flirting with other girls. How dare you? You just broke my heart. You just used me to get what you want – my money, my beauty and my body. (I slap his face.)

Is this really how hurt when someone is becoming unfaithful to you? I know my husband knows I am unfaithful and I broke our vows. I feel so sorry. I don’t want to see him die inside because I can’t be true to him.

When I get home… I want to tell him I’m sorry.

Hon, I’m home! It’s still very quiet since I left.“Hon, I’m home.” Nobody answers.

I go to his bed, but he is not there. A –huh! In the restroom!

I saw my husband, lying down on the floor, with blood. He’s dead. I remember he wanted to pee and asking my help. He tried to go to the restroom himself.

Oh God! I kill him! Oh I kill my husband! What have I done! I’m sorry.  What kind of wife am I? I am unfaithful to our vows and I broke his trust. I’m taking away his life.


What do you think?

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