Speech Evaluation for BS#5 : Tendency to Hit the Snooze , then you should AIM

I wake up at 6:30, then my alarm rung. Then, I hit the snooze button.  Then, when time strikes at 7:30 in the morning, I panicked and rushed to the rest room saying,” Oh I am late!”

Toastmaster Jestoni is giving his speech ” Hit the Snooze” as he showed some gestures to elaborate his story.

Listening to this catchy opening makes me feel like watching a movie or listening to a radio. Who couldn’t relate to this? Everyone actually has habit to delay things by hitting the snooze. I thank you Toastmaster for bringing up this wonderful topic, ‘Kanino ka bumabangon?’ to motivate us to find our purpose in waking up early in the morning.

With your confidence Toastmaster, it shows you are ready for memorizing your speech and you even took time to organize it well by leaving with a thought to remember. You want us to acknowledge our being unmotivated to be motivated again. Then, you teach us to integrate these things through examining ourselves and to move. You leave as something to A-I-M to aim after your speech.

I believe Toastmaster that you will become greater as what you are now, when you also AIM to follow my suggestions. If you can acknowledge that people feels you are really serious when you speak with them without your eye glasses. It added more connection to your audience. Maybe if you could also integrate proper stances by standing still with your two legs. Finally, your M-movement. With the proper movement you will be more effective in delivering your speech. How will you do it? You can divide your speech when and how will you move and use your hand gestures. I notice you are a bit hesitant to give all your gestures. I believe that with constant practice and following this A-I-M you will be a great speaker.

Congratulations for bringing us with an excellent speech topic! I hope you keep motivating yourself to deliver your speech no. 6 next meeting  applying all the things  A- Acknowledge your points of Improvement, I- Integrate those points in your next speech and M-Move Forward using the skills you have learned on your earlier speeches.


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