President’s Report: Jump start your Toastmaster Year, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all! 2015 will certainly be exciting years for Cebu South Toastmasters Club. We are very happy this New Year as good way to jump-start our year with a great news that we earn 5 DCP points. I would like jumpStartto ask everyone’s help to attain President’s Distinguish Club recognition.  Here are  the A-B-C we might consider to  include in our bucket list this year. A – Aim for the stars – At the very beginning of the year, we set a precise goal and that is to have 100% renewal and having  more than 20 members in the end of April.. B- Begin a good habit – It is about time to develop a toastmaster habit like encouraging your fellow members to take up a speech slot after toastmasters meeting or attend the meeting and training. C. Coaching and Connections – The true success of the club is when we continue to develop new members. Mentor-Mentee program is very effective in making our members confident and willing to present their speeches. Let’s aim for the stars, begin a good habit and coach and connect this 2015 to achieve our DCP goals.


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