President’s Report: Breakthrough

He wants to be a great speaker and a leader. He is so obsess to win in a competition. He is getting close to finish his competent communicator. However, all of the sudden, he loses the steam of his journey for personal growth and decided to QUIT.

With this very familiar scenario in the club, we might reflect to ourselves that it can happen to us because we are not aware that our personal issues, problems and even our very own self could sabotage our Toastmasters goals. But, at the end, what really defines being a toastmaster is not your obsession to achieve all their expectations. It is when you BREAKTHROUGH.

We only achieve breakthrough all the time if we know how to celebrate and acknowledge ourselves.  Think about it! When was the last time you celebrate because you made it to attend the Toastmasters meeting? Your first successful speech? You take the first role in the meeting?

They are all breakthrough. If you celebrate even how a little improvement of yourself, you will appreciate attending Toastmasters Meeting. Have you had any breakthrough in today’s meeting? Please share.


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