Inaugural Speech of Cebu South Toastmasters Club


Embracing the unknown? Tackling something new? That’s very daunting! Yet, for others CHANGE is exciting, but for me it is extremely unsettling. Ladies and gentlemen fellow toastmasters. Good evening.

I am here today going through the same process of change – feeling scared, pressured ,yet excited from being an ordinary member to adapting the new role of being the President of Cebu South Toastmasters Club. Because of the overwhelming responsibilities, I once doubted whether to accept the challenge or not because I have my greatest fear of failure and criticism.It took many times of introspection before I said YES.

I DID EXPLORE, DISCOVER AND REINVENT the future. First, I explore the history of our club, 25 years ago. I found out that CHANGE had been very inevitable since May 30, 1989. They had to open the club to non-rotary club members to increase the membership. They had to change their schedules and meeting venues many times just to accommodate their Toastmasters members and guests. My point is despite of hard times, the club managed to survive. The club survives because of TM Atty Mike Maestrado PP of Cebu South and our Club Coach who rehabilitated the club. For this reason, I have discovered that achieving goals will happen and club will stay strong and survive when someone cares like Toastmaster Mike, Charlot, Jorjames and Cecil.

Because of this, I decided to accept the challenge. After I said YES, my life and routines would never be the same again. I came to the point of my realization that maybe there’s a purpose behind all these things. Maybe, this is really a calling that I should be faithful. Maybe God wants me to be a successful leader and be an influence to other people OR maybe I shared the same vision with these great leaders in Cebu South. As John Maxwell said,” People don’t care how much you know, but they know how much you care. Maybe these people know that I can care.

After discovering my purpose as the President of CSTMC , I have started predicting the future of the club by inventing it. That is why we are putting our plans on a concrete time frame to help us be on track on our goals. I am encouraging my members to reinvent themselves by prioritizing your TM goals to make things happen.

I am telling you my difficulty of accepting the position because I want you to know that I understand exactly the same thing you have gone through now.Things will never be easy when it is first time.I am inexperience like you too.I am telling you this, being an inexperience is always a blessing. Own it. Because your inexperience, creativity and hard work will make up the way you are here in Cebu South.

I am giving this challenge of change. The CHALLENGE- First, to write down your goals when will you achieve your Competent Communicator and Competent Leader Award. Second, start caring for your personal and professional growth. Finally, don’t delay. If the VP of ed ask you to take an unfamiliar role for the first time and tell you to give a speech, take the challenge or ask for it because it helps you to grow.

Again, I am going to reiterate why I accept the position. It is because I care for my self-growth, I care for your personal and professional growth and I care for the growth of the club by achieving its DCP goals as how much these leaders care for us.

So, I thank you to Area 23 and Division C leaders and to all of you. Because of you, I learn to embrace the unknown and to tackle something new. It becomes more exciting now because I believe that we can make a change and affect the change of our club or even can change our attitude because we CARE. Happy Silver Anniversary to Cebu South TMC. Let’s toast for a change.


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