Pre-Valentine Gathering Message February 12, 2014

Seeing my scouts so alive and enthusiastic during the pre-valentine party makes my heart jumping for joy. Thank you so much for those who were present last night for our pre-valentine gathering. This valentines day, don’t forget to love yourself, love your neighbors and above all love God.
DSCF7756 DSCF7767
Love yourself means don’t compare yourself to others because you are unique individual; don’t try to please others and instead please God because humans, as we are, are not perfect. They will hurt us because of expectations. Finally, try your best to improve yourself and know your strengths and work on to develop your weaknesses.
Remember, if you don’t love yourself, you tend to be shy, anger, critical and proud. WARNING: How you deal with other people is a manifestation on how you love yourself.

Love other people means when you love yourself and you have at peace with yourself, then you are at peace with other people. Because of that love, you can appreciate others, you tend to be more understanding and you fulfill his needs, and you forgive and forget the past. Then, you can serve other people better to glorify the Lord.

ABOVE ALL, loving once self and others are not easy when you don’t have source of love. WE NEED GOD IN OUR LIFE. He is the greatest source of true love. If you have a good relationship with the Lord and by grace you will be save. Worries to be alone this valentine is not a problem because God is with in us.

Happy Valentines!!!! To love yourself and neighbor is to love God above all. If you want others to love you, then start loving God as you love yourself.


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