Valentines entry featuring : LOVE AND I

( lub-dub 3X slower) That was love sound like when I was in fifth grade.

(lub-dub faster) That was the sound of love when I was in high school.

(lub-dub normal) Now, that I am an adult, love has normal sound.

What is this dubbing sound of love about? The sounds of love… changes over time.


It was first day of school when I recognized the sound of love at the first time… in my fifth grade. It was warm day in June as I was searching for the wrong classroom and I was checking the wrong hall ways, I found love. Then, I knew exactly he was there sitting and chatting with his friends.I could even hear his laughter from a far. And, he fascinated me the more when he turned his back just to look and smile at me. Ohhh noooh!!! He saw me!… Love sounded so fast and loud that even tickled me pink when finally he was never scared to sit beside me.

However, when love finally showed up in high school, it was different. He controlled my mind and heart. This time, I saw him in a snappy and camouflage boy scout uniform. Love thrilled me in a bleak and cold Christmas day, love visited. Actually, he was bringing a beautiful christmas gift for me. Then, I ushered him in.And, I let the love sit down beside me. Now, the sound of love was louder than before… I could even hear him saying ” You know how much I love you.” and I could feel him too. It surprised me that love could even speak in the midst of silence in unguarded moments. He kissed me – he kissed me on my forehead, my nose… my lips.

It was the same love why I lied to my parents.,” mom , “ I need to go to school to make projects.” But, actually, I was going to see him. Because of that love, I have waited over the phone. I know exactly my dad would call anytime.” Hello? Hello? Where are you?

Dad… ah… ahhh… tooot Oh I guess she hung up…

When I get home, my dad was so mad and said “ From now on, you are not going to see him?” You are going to study in Bohol?”

But dad?”

I debated endlessly. Afterwards, I let love go.

Finally, love reappears now that I am an adult. However, love is completely different now. The thrill is the same as of I remembered love in fifth grade and high school, but love is a bit complicated. The sound of love is so certain that I married him, but love now reasons. In fact, I had a long checklist: pleasing personality, good-looking, crazy about me, and … fat bank account.

Love is not perfect. It is fulfilling as it is hurting. The kisses, gifts, surprises are great. Shouting, and fighting are deafening. The coldness at times is so discouraging. It sweeps me off at one time and it can throw me down the floor horrified at each other. Is this what you called genuine love? May be yes or  no. But, one thing I am sure of… Love has to be tested by the principles and not by the dubbing sound of heart: Love is kind. Love is forgiving. Love grows and it surely stays forever.

(lub-dub slower) ( lub-dub 3X faster) (lub-dub normal)


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