The Weekend Scouting Recharge: How to fulfill our duties as a scout?

See… it’s always worth to come every Saturday because we’ll train you physically and spiritually. Here are the recap of the topics series for our Weekend Scouting recharge:scouting recharge

DAY 1 : Duty to Others. We can fulfill our duty to God when we are selfless and we offer to Him all our worries and inhibitions. If we do, we automatically and naturally respond the needs of our fellowmen as we keep our oath,” Helping other people at all times” – that’s the character that will empower us.

DAY 2 : Duty to God. Jesus is our real super hero. We can be like Him and be a hero in our own way when we put our trust in Him and let Him control our lives after we accept Him as our personal savior and God.

DAY 3: Duty to Self. If we love God, we also love ourselves. How are we going to do it? We eat clean and right foods; drink or intake water and be cheerful and have a happy heart. We should take care of body because it is the temple of holy ghost and our God, Jesus Christ. Of course, keep reading the bible to help you improve your self spiritually to be morally straight, train your body in exercise like Sikaran to keep you physically strong and mentally alert.

To be a real scout and to fulfill his duties, he has to love God above all.


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