CSTMC Script October 22, 2013 : It’s all about Confidence

1. Do you feel good? What makes you feel good? Thank you so much for that wonderful introduction! I love music. Music makes me feel good. Keep the positive music especially in times like this, we have traumatic experience from the sha ke out. Let’s shake it off and let’s begin and live with confidence.

2. Good evening guests, ladies and gentlemen, This has been TM Maricel, your Toastmaster of the Evening tonight.

3. To start our meeting proper and to ask God’s blessing and to lead us in showing our patriotism by singing our Philippine National Anthem, we may call in ________________.

4. Welcome here once again for our seond meeting of the month of october will aim to live with confidence

It’s a fact though. Raising your confidence levels will improve your life. Having a healthy self esteem makes it so much easier for you to achieve your goals whether that’s in terms of your career, your relationships or even just being so much happier about life. Later on, I will give you simple tips on how to be confident as we go along listening to our confident speakers.

5. To start with we may call in ___________ to acknowledge the presence of our confident guests tonight.

( Acknowledgement of Guests proceeds…)

Thank you so much. We are very confident tonight because you are here. You show to us how brave you are to come here even it is quaking out. What you have showed is the good example of being a confident person.

  1. Tonight, we are going to highlight on how to be confident here on stage or even in life. Well in fact, Toastmasters International is in the building business. According to our DTM international president Gary that we build people’s confidence. He added as I quote that before we become skilled communicators and leaders, we first gain the self-assurance and belief that we can indeed become who we were meant to be. “
  2. Taken from his word, as tonight we will thank them for being part of building our confidence. We may call our General evaluator who is an Advanced Communicator, Advanced Leader …
  3. And our Ah Counter is TM …
  4. Our Ah Timer is …
  5. Finally, our Grammarian who will help us to be confident on our language usage…Please help me welcome her once again for our word of the night… A round of applause please.
  6. How exactly do you build confidence?Like talents and skills, confidence doesn’t happen overnight. We have 6 main categories of confidence. Like in this confident categories, Toastmasters as well has different sub categories. These are basic speech projects under competent communicator manual. There are 10 projects and completion of all 10 shall earn the member the competent communicator award. As they go along, using toastmasters as their confident activity, they later realize that they are gaining confidence in facing the crowd

    Of course, speaking of confident activities… these are daily rituals to build your confidence. Just the way you sit down in proper posture and walk feeling you are the most beautiful on earth. Do you feel good about your self when you talk? What is most important is you figure out what direction you want to take your life.

  1. To help us with that, we have our first speaker…He will be evaluated by:

    The objectives are…

    Time allotted…


  1. Of course the second category of the confidence, your body and health confidence…How much confidence do we have in our self image as well as our mental image?

    For example, if you are always tired, it is hard to be confident. You should start doing exercise and healthy diet to make you feel good. Maybe after being fresh, you can add having a good scent. One study found that woman felt confident in social, business and romantic situation when they wear perfume. What about men? Do you feel confident too when you wear perfume?

  1. So much with that, let smell our second speaker who has been wearing his/ her best smile more than just a sweet scent of perfume… He will be evaluated by…

    The objectives are…

    Time allotted…


  2. Wow, that was great! Our third category for self confidence is confidence thinking.
    Confidence thinking can be a matter of changing our thoughts. Set our mind that we can do it. One of the tips given by Oprah that we have to nod along when someone is speaking because when you nod along while listening to someone, research has shown that you belief is what you are thinking is heightened.

So, friends, let’s nod along with our next speaker…

He will be evaluated by…

The objectives are…

Time allotted…

As I give you all the categories and some tips to make you feel confident in life…

However, there a lot of people feel being beaten with life because of the tragedy cause of the calamity, for this reason they find it difficult to face life ahead. Let’s encourage them and don’t let them give up hope. This is the right time to make difference and touch other people’s lives. To tell us more about confidence, we have … for our relaxation portion. This is most exciting part and your chance to encourage and to inspire other people for 2 -3 minutes by thinking on your feet.

Please welcome once again… to explain more the mechanics of tonight’s table topics…

How do you feel about yourself when you help other people and even give them a tap on their shoulder, telling them that things will be all right, it has a huge difference in their lives, right?

There you have it. We’ve heard the speeches and presentation from our confident speakers. We had our imprumptu speaking session. I think it is about time to test if we apply our confident test and to evaluate us let us welcome… our General evaluator AC and AL our area 24 Governor…

Evaluation proceeds…

Thank you very much our confident TM — and the team confidence…

Before I go I would like to summarize the tips with in each categories of confidence:

  1. confident activity – proper posture in walking and sitting and even the way you talk
  2. body and health confidence – exercise, eat healthy foods and wear good scent
  3. confidence thinking – nod along coz your belief has heightened about yourself and to other people.
  4. Relationship – Other people want you to succeed; now you just have to believe them when they show you you’re worthy. Learn to accpet praises and say thank you and you do the same.
  5. self- esteem – trust your capabilities . Don’t worry if you’re not confident in what you can do now—be confident in your potential.
  6. workplace confidence – Find the successes in every day and you’ll notice over time that they increase. Think success and take risk.

Always remember what Dalai Lama has said With realization of one’s own potential & self confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”

Let’s contribute in building a better world because of our self-confidence. I would like to add the best confident tips and that is prayer and have faith in God ‘coz He will make you feel great and be great on His eyes. Thank you so much. I would like to turn you over to our Club President.







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