Evaluation Speech 1 : How a Key could Change your Life?

Key of Life


How a key could change your life and could heal a broken heart? How can we open a person’s heart after it shuts off? The only keys are LOVE and Forgiveness.

Thank you for that inspiring speech. As you told your story on how forgiveness and love mend your relationship with your brother. Regarding to this, my favorite part in your speech was when you had a heart to heart conversation with your mom because that was the moment when your mom had an impact in your life. After that, you became a new person. You proved that you had opened your heart by arranging your brother’s rehabilitation.

Moreover, there are also three things I like about your speech. Obviously at first, you told your speech from the heart because we cried. Second, you had successfully convinced us to open our hearts to people who hurt us. Finally, you obviously have the keys of an excellent speaker and person. This actually came through in your emotional presentation on how forgiveness could change you and change your brother. This had been the focus of the entire message.

However, if you allow me to give one area of improvement to fix. May be just the balance between the literal stories  to figurative stories of the key. I could remember, you mentioned three literal stories of key ; first, you tried to open the wrong car, second, the story of St. peter as the gate-keeper and your wife who hasn’t entrusted you the keys in the house. We could have  out the other one. But, I understand, this story adds colors and humor on your speech.

Nevertheless, as I listened I decided that I would forgive and love the people who shut me off. I thank you for bringing this to my attention.Because of your speech, I have realized that the greatest key of happiness is forgiveness.



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