Project 9: God’s Greatest Miracle: Friendship

I want you to look at the person next to you . Look at him or her in the eyes and tell him or her,” thank you for coming into my life.”

Guests and fellow toastmasters thank you so much for being game!

Photo credit: Jean Gilbertson
Photo credit: Jean Gilbertson

Life has full surprises, yet mysterious. People may come and go. But, one thing I know for sure, they are there to help us to carry out our dreams. They are such great blessings in our lives and are worth keeping.

This was what I have realized after meeting her. She’s Jean Gilbertson, my favorite short story writer. She wrote the favorite short story among English teachers “If It Comes Back”. I was told to prepare for my teaching demonstration in reading. Then, I bumped into her website and I was so happy when I found her twitter account, which just registered a week ago before that meeting. The day after that conversation, my happiness was really great because I read an entry from her blog about me . Aside from that, her help made my teaching demonstration successful. 

After all that, I praise God and thank Him for bringing her in my life. Why? Because He didn’t give me a ready made interpretation nor an excerpt of her story. But, God  gave me the most beautiful gift, friendship with her, which I consider it as a miracle.

It’s a miracle because she taught me an important lesson in life. I learned that I can meet supreme happiness when I know how to treasure a relationship. I should have shown interest to the people through listening to them and look at them in the eye when communicating. Even I can’t see her gestures, I could sense her sincerity by being so responsive in our communication. She listened to my needs. She tried to help me as possible as she could by sending some reading points and her personal background why she wrote the story.

There was a point in my life when I tried to look back and thought, does friendship happen for a reason, or just merely by accident? When you needed something, did it ever just fall into your lap after you prayed? You woke up one day, and all your problems had solved because of that person seated next to you. If you are going to ask me, meeting her is not by accident. I believe that there’s a higher purpose as to why she came into my life. My dear friends, God uses that person next to you, to give you lessons and sometimes God reveals His will through him or her.

To my fellow toastmasters, like Jean Gilberston, I did not meet you by accident. Maybe we didn’t plan to meet one another, but God planned it. I met you all for the best purpose, and that is we can help one another to fulfill our dreams to be a better speaker and leader.  It is not fate, nor chance, nor coincidence. As long as we have the same heart that calls for sincere relationship, we will meet at the right God’s time and place – it could be here in toastmasters Club. So I would like to say, thank you for coming into my life.

Toastmaster of the evening.


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