The Good Memories of my Ex-boyfriend, Tirso

Tirso my Love


Infatuation started to glow.
Fourteen, I was expressing my love
undying crushes and admiration
to sixteen that
was you .

I hold to it gently and feel it for you
As if into my heart you are the man
whose love brings sweetest
thing, so true

The days with out for so long ,
I leave you crying at all alone.
You missed me after I resided in the City.
I met someone who love me not really:

I gave love to a wrong guy while you hurtingly waiting
for me to get back into me steadfastly.
I was stupid to forget
my undying devotion for you:

I broke you up in a letter saying that
i can’t hold on any longer.
Cause I thought for us there is no forever.
I fell in love to another

Thank God your prayer had answered.
My number you have got from a friend is a
way to chase me after love for what seemed forever.

You called me to say that you searched me so long.
I met you in the E-mall excitedly
for you waited me for five hours
because I’m busy.

When we see each other, we realized
now is to happen a new beginning.
The compulsive feeling of a young minds
turn to genuine affection of love.

I am sure it was you.
The same love that  us to journey for two;
Step by step , me and you
Seven years like lightning that so fast ;

That you and I surely will last.
You promised that your love is so true.
I truly love you TIRSO……
Love comes true because i make it with you.

I thank you


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