Is there life after death? It is up to you to decide.

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Jesus J. Caluya from Malaybalay Bukidnon became unconscious in 20 hours and experienced near death for 3 hours while he went through surgical operation. Another one is the life touching experience of Joey Aluman who said that he was inside the room that filled of gentle light. Both felt, they were lifted  up by a mighty force. They felt the complete joy inside. They felt losing all the pains and the weariness of this world. They felt younger and looked younger because there were no more infirmities and troubles. However, it was not yet there time. They have to go back to earth to fulfill their missions in life. These miraculous experiences make them closer to God and to their love ones.

According to Philosophical research, a man has 3H. It corresponds to head, heart and hand. The man is born to be good and everything that God has created is good. Second, people have a certain amount of wisdom, which develops earlier of his childhood – sense of knowing the right and wrong. Finally, The reflections of one’s experience that creates changes of one’s personality and sense of self throughout life make up the souls. ”When I was a child, I can’t remember what I did before,” shouting and crying out loud when I didn’t get what I wanted was wrong.” Later in my maturity in life, it gives me choices when making decisions choosing between right from wrong. My point is sometimes, we tried to prove that  life after death exist through personal encounters with the spirits, through dreams, or even through biblical studies. I understand that we all have different beliefs and religions that vary the explanations. But why we have to? Is this to justify some questions that we can’t give any answers to it?  In fact, we only believe on its existence when we experience it and see it through ourselves. May be it is also possible that it is true, that is why we have experience to prove the truth about life after death.

I have read the biography of granny Doris Strokes who is a medium and she hears voices from the spirit world. She helps to solve murder cases and she saves lives of the people here on earth after she retold them the messages that the dead relatives wanted to send. If there’s one thing I have learned from her,it is that there’s nothing to fear death. She said that death is a great adventure to look forward to. We don’t go anywhere alone and when our time comes, somebody will take our hand and lead us. I heard some of the dying people, they tell us that they’ve seen their relatives who died and have met them. She can contact people from the spirit world which is somewhat different from earth.

She recalls one experience on the last part of her biography when her son John Michael, who died when he was five appeared on her dreams. He brought her to the spirit world. He described that there was a hospital along the little path fringed by flowers and trees. This is the waiting place where there are babies, who didn’t fulfill their full term, were sent back before they were born and all the patients (person who had sudden death like through accidents) got cured. This is the place where they were prepared to be parted from their earthly body after a traumatic experiences. Surely, spirit world is the place where you could feel healing.

 When we read the bible, it describes that in heaven, there’s no way to worry or have any anxiety. It is perfect unity of love. While hell is the place where you spin around on the edge of discomfort. The holy bible best describes the heaven and hell after the judgment day as it says in 2 Peter 3:7,” But heavens and earth have stored up for fire. They are being kept for the day of judgment, when ungodly people are destroyed. Doris and John Michael continued their tour around the spirit world, they met a teacher who continued teaching about love that we have to learn to love one another and feel the love in this place. He said,” I tell you, child, when these souls came here they were each enveloped in their own personal religion, were each wrapped up their own material condition… Feel the love.”

Even in spirit world, they taught them to continue loving one another. They are later will be judge according to their works here on earth. What happen to the wicked soul ? After the wicked are destroyed, the amount of fire will be left in Isaiah 47:14,” But they are like burning in a fire; they cannot save themselves from the flame.” But in revelation 21:1-5 tells us that God will bring about a new heaven and new earth.” He will bring down “ the city of living God, the heavenly Jerusalem.”(Hebrew 12:22), and set it upon the new earth as the “New Jerusalem”. It is described as having streets, walls, gates, and even heaven a river and trees (Revelation 22:1-5). Therefore, wicked souls, who don’t know how to love will be sent to the hell of fire.

We are burden with the questions about life after death whether it exists or not. We are here on earth empathizing the other life and to be accountable by our actions and behaviors. This made us believe that there are three dimensions of life after death spiritual world, heaven and hell. We can’t change that the man is always mortal. Job 4:17, only God has immortality 1 Timothy 6:15. Therefore, eternal life is a gift of God for only to those who believe in Christ. (Mulaneda, p.48.) With this God’s promises, death is something we have to be excited about and not to be afraid of, so be ready. The best thing we could do is to be ready on the day when we face our judgment day. Note that the full complete knowledge of an afterlife will change our behavior and perspectives.

 On the contrary, some people would say that we come up with the above description of life after death to prove its existence and trying describe as a soul that we believe it continued to exist after life. I understand that we have different religions have different interpretation of life after death and even for others who are skeptical about it, it didn’t exist. I respect their beliefs.

However, majority assume that life was created intelligently. I, myself assume that there is a creator, who has given us souls or the force that is responsible for creation. “For then the dust will return to the earth, and the spirit will return to God who gave you.’ The man’s ability of man to think in Psalm 146:4… thoughts or plans will die with them.

Furthermore, life is a death – resurrection cycle. In every moment leaves a new life. Every time, we wake up in the morning, we have to thank God we are still alive. We have still chance to spread the love here on earth. Everyday is a life’s miracle. We should always cherish every moment with people we love as if it’s our last. Life is too short and there is no assurance how long we live and where to go from here. One thing we can sure of is we can leave them ( significant people) with happy memories before we die without going through near death experiences like Jesus, Joey and Doris.

Photo Credit: Quotes Of MY Life
Photo Credit: Quotes Of MY Life

If life after death is not real,then we live happily here on earth until our last breath. So, if you were to die at this point of your life, how would you summarize your life and as a person? Making your own obituary is good way to start reflecting how ready you are to die today.I think this is worth more to think about than debating the existence of life after death. What do you think?


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  1. Ben says:

    It’s interesting how people still debate on the question of life after death. But if they proved the Bible then they would have to take God’s word for it and accept that Christ was resurrected and that there will be three more resurrections. I find that very encouraging.

    1. maricelmar says:

      Thank you for your thoughts Ben. I really believe in life after death based on what God said about it.

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