My Reflective Teaching Philosophy

Zac Poonen said that  many are called, but few are chosen, but fewer still are faithful.I have realized that I was called to teach at the High school. One day, my teacher told me to take over her class, so I grabbed at it.  I really loved it. My teachers influenced me to be a teacher because I was very active in all school activities and programs. I always interact with them. I spent most of my time in and out of the office meeting with the Principal because I was the Supreme Student Council Secretary. After I graduated High school, I enrolled in State College University, which chose our coursework. Since I passed the first screening, I enrolled in the Teaching Department. During my experiential teaching or practice teaching, I almost felt the calling when I discovered how joyful it was to be with students – listening to their laughter and singing our songs. My outlook on teaching is no longer a commission  but it is a mission. From then on, I have realized that there was more spiritual side than just teaching.

After that great realization, I have come to a greater commitment that  from then on, I will be faithful on my profession. I start my quest on building connection and positivism with my students. I know that only through English, I can show love to my students.25639_1156309166843_367101_n

Then, professionally, I believe that professionalism means respect. I respect my boss, co-teachers, and students. Even they are my students, I should respect them – I respect their views and even their thoughts especially for those delinquent students. I listen to their stories. Most of the time, schooling for them is an escape from the family problems. If they have a teacher who listens, they have more reason why they have to go to school. So as with my colleagues, I always wish to have a good relationship and building connection with them. I think creating harmonious relationship will be easy for me because I know how to treasure friendship and I want to keep it as much as possible for a long time.

But, I am weak academically because I am too ambitious and discontented on learning. I am not satisfied with what I have learned now.The more I learn, the more I’ve realized the lesser I learned. That is why  I read professional books and educational journals related to languages and research. I continued my post-graduate course right after I graduated from College, and not because of career advancement, but I think because I know this will improve me professionally and personally.My coursework that contributed most is my research in Masters Degree. It helps me to understand the problem in our educational system. I felt the need to give on solving the problem and apply the findings in my classroom. This will help me to be competent in teaching.

Moreover, pedagogically, being interested in teaching speaking with ESP ( English with Specific Purpose),  I find it easier to motivate students internally, where they know that this thing is very helpful in surviving outside world. However, I find teaching writing a bit challenging because we know that students hate reading. When they hate reading, they won’t know how to write.  To keep my students motivated I do the following: First, I need to offer opportunities for varied experiences. We know that student success in different areas as what the theory of Gardner about the Multiple Intelligence. The more success they experience inside the classroom, they will be more motivated as what Krashen pointed out in lowering the affective filter. For myself, I have to stay positive and enthusiastic about teaching.

First, I will have to diagnose the level of the students, so I know where I stand in my discussions. If the majority of the class are really outstanding, these students are more on they like to train independently. They hate teacher-centered classes. They want to be in-charge. Like what I had experience in Science High school, so I always give activity for them to carry out. While for the class who tries to learn but it seems very difficult for the to grasp, of course… I will make the lesson as much easier and comprehensible as possible. I won’t continue the lesson unless they get the basic principle. I am sure there are a variety of techniques which I can use in making the lesson easier for students. That’s why I use an eclectic method or various techniques and strategies in teaching.

Second, in order for me to help students especially the demands of K+12 curriculum, I think aside from being innovative, I  will personalize my teaching. In personalizing my teaching means giving students an opportunity to personalized their learning   I will have them engage in various activities.  The personalized learning can happen in partnership with other learners, such as when they are working in a group to study a particular topic. For example, Group Dynamics, dialog or role play or perhaps debate. To the lights of globalization, we are now in the latest trend where students can learn anytime and anywhere through ICT or distant learning. I have a blog where students can read and interact and learn new vocabulary or phrases. This also motivates students to read and to write their own blogs. Therefore, personalized teaching for me is creating a personalized learning of the students.

For school activities or any program, it is good that students  are aware of community development.  I like that the school activities will promote community extensions. For example, feeding program or story telling the program to street children. This is to promote community awareness to our students. This will develop them to take part of the issues in our society and taking part for the responsibility in the community’s development. I think it would be better to expose them to community services and this is the best way to develop students to become productive and service-oriented leaders.

About the classroom management, at the beginning of the class, students and I should agree on common grounds. I let them decide and make classroom policy and their correspond consequences. This must be agreed and set the expectation as early as possible. This consequences will be explained if one will break the rules. Of course, I will respect my students first, so they will respect me in return. And finally, accentuate positive behavior and I’ll train leaders in the classroom by giving them tasks and if someone who is disruptive, I’ll remove his leadership privileges.

If my students exhibited inappropriate behavior like delinquency or typical misbehavior to the extinct of disruption and disrespect the teachers, I think these have a deep root of psychological problems. I think this time… we can do reverse psychology. I think it is not bad to lower to their levels to understand them. When they start talking and they earn the trust in us, we listen. From there, we solve the problems. At last, I will reach out to their parents. Teacher conferences are very importance it is the chance for us to talk with the parents about  their children’s school performance.

If I have students who do below grade level, I won’t judge them being like that but I have to figure out what is their problem. If as much as possible, we can extend help by talking to their parents and keep encouraging students to keep on reaching their dreams. We can help them to get scholarships or any placement programs like Manpower Development which offers free skill training.

After all these philosophies put this into practice, I will be a successful teacher. I am imagining myself that I am still be connected with the National high school. Maybe, for sure I finished my masters by then, so I will have worked on Master Teacher Program in five years. I want to see an output or teaching progress such as my own published book in English and I want to see my students graduated from Senior high school well-prepared for College or maybe they might be working by then in a call center companies or one of them pass the international examinations like TOEFL iBT or IELTS. Therefore, my goal in five years from now is to see the result of my action research and at least little by little we can change the other country’s perspective towards Filipinos.

Finally, I’d like to end my philosophy of teaching into believing that a person who doesn’t know how to teach can’t be a teacher, but not all teachers who have the knowledge to teach are excellent teachers. What sets me apart from the other teachers is my pursuits to excellence and faithfulness because I believe that God gives me the mission to teach.I always give my best every time I teach because I believe that I am working for Him. In fact, there’s more than just teaching English skills, and, I feel responsible in molding the character and integrity of the students.

After all, If I have been faithful in my profession, I will come out to be a devoted winning teacher.


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