How do you feel on your ability to speak English?

Confidence-based learning
Confidence-based learning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I feel confident in speaking English. In fact, confidence is the goal of most students. It means that in the class or wherever they are, they don’t have fear to speak the language like Manny Pacquiao. Even people tend to mock him for his ” Karabao English”, but still he’s learning because he’s confident.

In my case, I get excited when I used it. I feel that I am in control. But, we can’t avoid when there are some situations that will cause us to fear speaking, especially when you have prior bad experience or when being ridiculed by your classmates when you commit mistakes in grammar. These factors can lead to have speech apprehension. I think what makes me confident despite of the errors I made is my Professor Larsen and Professor Baxter who encourage us to speak and correct us with kindness. I know that there are things I need to work on. I must  do something about my grammar errors by writing more and answer grammar exercises . As my teachers said that the more you advance in the learning the language, the more complicated your error is. Therefore, errors are part of learning. These shouldn’t intimidate us.

I feel the need for enhancement because I am a professional English Teacher who should be fully equipped on this field. It is so embarrassing when I can’t give to the students the right English learning they need. I think what keeps us on the right track when us teachers keep learning and  having the willingness to improve.  For me, I love English as I love my native language, Bisaya. I know that as a Filipino, who is multilingual should take this opportunity to learn more.

In this career path I chose,  I find English as an everyday part of my life and the most important subject to master because this is the language of the world.


What do you think?

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