Which do you think is easier to teach ESL or EFL? Why?

Workshop for EFL teachers
Workshop for EFL teachers (Photo credit: Rafa from Brazil)

Based on my experiences, it would be easier for me to teach ESL classroom setting because it is much easier for me to make them understand about the lesson using English as a medium of instructions. It is hard sometimes because they are less motivated than the EFL students. They just take the lesson for passing the subject. For ESL teachers, we should focus on motivating them in all the activity . When they know it is relevant to their daily lives, then they are becoming interested to take part of the lesson.

Unlike EFL, they wish to learn because they spend so much money and time just to learn the basic English conversation perhaps.They find language learning necessary for survival in the business world.  For EFL students, they are zero English. It means you have to do translations and communicative exercise. It is totally like learning a new language. If you are EFL teachers, you have to do gestures associating with the new vocabulary.

Therefore, EFL class is much more challenging. That’s why, trying both English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) setting make me a better teacher because I would become flexible in any open job opportunities whether to teach in a Filipino Classroom( ESL) or to Japanese or Koreans class (ELF). What about you? Which do you think is easier? ESL or EFL?


What do you think?

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