What Kind of Learner are you?

Heritage Language Learner
Heritage Language Learner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Personality differs from one person to another. I have realized how precious I am; one who has a unique personality.In fact, I really like the activity today because I get to know myself better. Knowing myself makes me feel more confident.

I have just found out that I am a kinesthetic person who loves doing activities and learns best in physical means. I learn that am extrovert because I like  to get along with people. I am also introverted in a way I want to be alone sometimes. Even how social I am, I need also to contemplate with my God and have time to think about life and retrospect.

For me, it is important to know yourself as a teacher because it helps you to love yourself better. If you love yourself, then, you are happy and you are enthusiast in presenting your lessons. In addition, you won’t get affected by criticism so easily because you know yourself.

In this way, you have developed the attitude of being more understanding to your students, I wish to know each of them, being empathetic, and having the heart to help. Everything boils down to know who your God is. Knowing yourself is knowing deeper about your faith. After all, I come to ask myself, am I a learner who has the faith in God or a learner who trust myself more than the Maker? We must remember that we are all learners in this University of life.


What do you think?

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