Students Storytelling through Sequential Art by David Fay

English: Nina's Adventures comic strip about t...
English: Nina’s Adventures comic strip about the common desire to educate others. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

David Far from Urbekistan explains the important use of sequential art in EFL class. He quoted that sequential art is rich in ellipses, blends, non – words. It is the window on the spoken vernacular. It can revisit or summarizes  stories that the students have read in class or for homework.

I can use this newly found activity for my students to have them appreciate the beauty of English Language due to its visual appeal, versatility, efficiency, and power message.

The twist to this kind of activity makes it so exciting to act out their story, and then have original artists have other groups to rate the actors’ interpretation of the story.

Here in sequential activity, many talents will unleash, but the problem is how the students motivate themselves to do such an activity. I have observed my grade four and five class; they love to read comics books, but once I asked them to make one comic strip of their own,  and it seemed they were hesitant to do such. They would rather read than make one. So, I think it would depend on students’ interest. I may suggest this will be applicable of the big group class, which you can divide them according to their interest.

In regard to this Professor Baxter suggested the following steps could make my students ease into it. First, use a 2-pane ( with a “contest”), pre-drawn comic strips, use 3 panes… Eventually a few with want to draw their own or do a group project with artists and writers paired together.Well… these are good tips to motivate my students.


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