My House away from Home

At first when I thought of renting a house, I wanted one that was not too far from the city, so I choose to live in Quiot, Pardo Cebu City. This place is very near from the house of my high school friends. In times I feel lonely, I have friends there whom I can talk to. I find the place I consider home because this was the place, where I have my childhood memories.maricel

Honestly, this is my ninth-time I have relocated to a new place. What was good about this place is safety and I don’t needto go a long way getting into my house. It is a kind of family compound, and it is private area.

This house is actually divided into two – the upper house, where the owner is living, and the lower house is where I am renting. My house has four rooms with a partly furnished kitchen and bathroom facilities. Sometimes, during the night, this kitchen area becomes my youngest sister’s bedroom. It has a folding bed that she uses it every night. It sounds weird, but that is how it goes.

In the kitchen you can see a doorway to the bedroom. We  divided the bedroom into two. On your left you can see, the bed where my second sister sleeps. While on the other side is the space, where my brother sleeps on his foam. On your right of the doorway from the kitchen is the TV set, where one can enjoy programs from their beds. Next to that is the doorway to my small room where we go when I want to spend my private time. All the rooms are airy when using the fan.

I think this will be the last house, which I am going to rent. It’s tiring transferring a new houses now. But, I know sooner or later, I will stay in a house I can call it my home.


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