Learning from my Wrong Answers and the Discussion of Arbitrary Language

test chapter 5
test chapter 5 (Photo credit: bies)

It was really a busy day, when I needed to finish all the task and of course, our weekly journal. When we arrived in the school, our teacher distributed our test papers. We reviewed our answers and some of the items to be clarified. I have learned from my mistakes on the test. I have realized that discussion of the answers  is very important because this is another avenue of learning from the mistakes. We tend to remember the right answers on those mistakes we had made.

On our next activity, our teacher use the whole language approach. In this approach,she divided us  according to the number of questions and discussed them within the group. I had used the Jigsaw response before; it was effective to most independent learners in Science High school. I had a problem using with the lazy students and that required me to become teacher – centered. Honestly, I have learned that we can use many techniques in various combinations of approaches that suit to student’s personality.

Lastly, we discussed morphology, morphemes, and how English words change forms. How amazing the beauty of language is! Language is arbitrary, and it is hard to explain how they change and how do they exist in the world. It is just they exist and change.

Well, everyday has another lesson to apply in my class. I can share the techniques and the approaches with my ESL students. Of course, learning is fun if you know whom to share it with and you  know you are doing this for your self and for your students.


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