Hiring Filipinos as English Teachers

Our English teacher and students

I feel sad about that there is discrimination on hiring Filipinos as an English Teacher. I know it takes time to prove ourselves that we can also teach as the native speaker does. Learning English is a continuous process. As a Filipino, we can speak like them. Because of this hiring discrimination,  as an English Teacher, I consider this as a challenge – a challenge for me to work harder and be effective teacher as the native speaker.  I am just hoping that the company will hire someone not because they are native speaker, but  because of their qualification of Teaching the language.

If I were an Elementary and High school student, I like to be taught by the non-native speakers in English. My reasons are: for non-native speakers,  they are well-trained and equipped with the real language and they understand the culture and they have the skills to make lessons easier for us, especially for beginners.

Now that I am in the Post Graduate course, I really like to have a native speaker, so to help me speak nearly like them because my goal is to speak clearly like the native speakers of English. I believe that the preferences of having a native speaker teacher or not depends highly on the level of the student. The higher your education is, you need a native speaker model.

What do you think about the issue? Do you like to be taught by a native speaker in English?


What do you think?

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