Growing up with TESOL by Jack C. Richards

English was the property of English- Speaking World. It is now the language of global, international communication, commerce trade, the media, and pop culture, so motivation and learning come into play. It is what we called the lingua franca.

English: Public primary school (EPP) outside D...
English: Public primary school (EPP) outside Diego-Suarez (Antsiranana), Madagascar Français : Ecole primaire publique (EPP) pres de Diego-Suarez (Antsiranana), Madagascar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, it is no longer viewed as to property of the English speaking world, but it is an international commodity referred to us World English or English as an International Language.

I understand my role as an ESL teacher; that I must qualify and develop my English teaching skill and master the discipline of applied linguistics. I certainly agree that the English teacher should prove high level of skill in English and crave self-improvement in this skill through training and continuing education. I believe that a good teaching is to carry out correct use of method and prescribed principles and techniques in the classroom.

Aside from above mentioned, the teacher should have passion and dedication to teaching. We should always remember that we have mission to educate our students and mold them to become a God– centered and productive people using English as the tool of communication. In TESOL, we need to grow being a teacher and a learner at the same time. We should motivate ourselves to learn and to improve in our English skills and inspire students to enhance their English skills as well.


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