Error Correction and Feedback in EFL Writing Classroom “Comparing Instruction and Student Preferences by Rula L. Diab

Day 11 Oct. 15
Day 11 Oct. 15 (Photo credit: sj_sanders)


Rula Diab from Lebanon has explained instructors’ and students‘ preferences for feedback and error correction. She suggested that explicit error correction of surface level errors, generally tend to be ineffective.  She added that this type of correction must abandon in second language writing classes because it can have harmful effects.

She recommended that the teacher become aware of the beliefs about error correction and give feedback to students’ writing.


I am certain that I can apply all these things I have learned, when correcting the theme writing of my students. I might be correcting my own errors too. I will be more understanding of my students.


I will apply the recommendation she brought up based on her findings that we need to be aware of the beliefs of students about correction and feedback and writing to help them understand how feedback effects their writing and why it is given in particular way. As she said, Preferences are important; if teachers and students both understand the purpose of certain correction techniques and agree on their use, feedback is more likely productive.



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