BSOP : Biblical Seminary of the Philippines

God is so amazing. He gives us gifts to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Biblical Seminary of the Philippines (BSOP) introduced us to teaching English as a mission. They showed to us what it is like to teach English in the other countries, especially Thailand. They introduced songs, games, and conversations to practice communication skills. They gave us materials  and sample teaching techniques and strategies in teaching.

US Navy 090710-N-5207L-141 Culinary Specialist...
US Navy 090710-N-5207L-141 Culinary Specialist 3rd Class Tyrney Fisher of the dock landing ship USS Harpers Ferry (LSD 49) helps teach English to a student at Ban Khao By Si School during a community relations project (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After all, I feel so interested to teach English to non-native speakers. Maybe someday, in God’s time, I am considering teaching as  a missionary service. All I can do for now is to pray for them and asked God for guidance that they may have LOVE always in their hearts. I know teaching is not going to be easy. There are times you feel giving up and we forget that we have to do this because of the heavy burden we feel. To keep us burning in this teaching craft, we need prayer. Prayer means a lot.  This is the key of survival.

These people inspire me to think about my work as a missionary everyday. Thus, we are working to show to the world that we are the light and salt of God. We are not working just for the money, but we work to live with purpose and structures in life fulfilling His will.


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