Using Journalism Skills in the Language Classroom English Teaching Forum (Anonymous)

2008 PeoPo Citizen Journalism Forum: Interview...
2008 PeoPo Citizen Journalism Forum: Interview by Shih Hsin University Television. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The lesson was discovering the sections of a newspaper. They have to check through the guide questions given. The teacher does some follow-up of the activity. The next lesson is journal writing, where students  will write about it and interview using the interviewing techniques. Finally, the teacher will ask them to make an oral or written report about their activity.

This will be useful especially for the students, who wish to pursue MASSCOM or Journalism. In this way, they are discovering their skills and talents in communications. In fact, basic knowledge on these will help them become confident, good at communicating, and appreciative on world, national, local news update.

Actually, I agree that these topics will lead to excellent language learning activities. This must include on our English program. This can enhance their confidence especially when they do broadcasting. If there are available facilities to hold live or radio broadcasting, this will be far more effective. If the school will  give students a chance to use the radio room or any real facilities in Mass Media, they will be more excited about this. This may give ideas on what they might like to do in the future.



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