The Boxing Superstar:Pacman

Manny Pacquiao about to throw out the first pi...
Manny Pacquiao about to throw out the first pitch at AT&T Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is about time to know the boxing superstar, of course Manny Pacquiao, or popular ly known as the people’s champ, their own idol. Why was he being idolized by the  men around the world? What is in him that made people admire him? He is a typical Filipino star by using blazing speed and power in his hands.

When we try to look at his life before he became rich, he was ordinary like us unnoticed, unpopular, poor, but ambitious. He never gave up his dreams to become a champion. He was kneading in a bakeshop, mixing cement as a lonely mason, selling cigars in the streets and even sleeping on cardboard.

He was just like us, who wish to be a popular, wealthy, or powerful figure. Now, he is earning dollars in his fights. He is a big influential. As a Joke Page says in his column that he is world most popular, the first Asian Athlete to give front page. He added that it was during his fight when war ceases and crime stops; all the family are reunited for lunch to watch his every move; church service and mass schedules were empty.

Imagine how he has brought unity and peace to the world.Like us, he is not perfect that he also struggles inside in the living up to the expectations of the people. We should consider that our hero will also lose. I hope he shows Christlike behavior  I hope and I pray that he won’t forget the Almighty God, who gives him all these blessings.


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