Language Learning through Direct Method

Fluency and accuracy are traditional measures effective language learning. These two measures are emphasized in the Direct Method. Its goal is to communicate in the target language. It uses the language for daily conversation. Fluency comes in when you are no longer worry about how you speak the language. It comes  to you naturally and normally. The speaker comes out very natural. On the other hand, accuracy in grammar is taught by inducing the rules of how language behaves from actual language.Analysis of the rules are given or no emphasis.

The method would include lots of oral interaction and spontaneous use of language. So, in using this method we do not expect that the speaker all the time speaks accurately in grammar, but he or she is pronouncing and producing it correctly.

The method believes on teaching the correct expressions, giving an extensive drills in listening and speaking and developing communication skills in graded progression by asking questions in fast pace way and students are expected to answer in natural-pacing. The teacher briefly explains the correct grammar. In this method the teacher and students are considered to be partners in the teaching and learning process.

Aside from the traditional measures, we need also to consider other language components such as linguistic competence which refers to the learner’s ability to use the language correctly in specified situations, so strategic competence refers to how well the person uses both verbal and non-verbal communication.



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