Journal 1: God Wants Me to Grow

November 16, 2009

” God wants me to grow.” I said to myself after reading a page of Rick Warren’s ‘Purpose Driven Life’ book. He wants me to mature spiritually.I know He wants me to be here in CGST – BTC. God has prepared me for a greater challenge. The challenge starts in school.

I love the sound of English language. I believe that when you can speak fluently and accurately, you can have  confidence in yourself. I took English major in my undergraduate. I resumed on my post-graduate course in masters program to enhance myself. Still I am not contented and I made up my mind to enroll TESOL certificate here.” I just love English and even have the want to perfectly speak like native speaker,” I wished.

Excited for my first day and first time to have a foreign teacher. I feel so blessed to be part of the class.  Just on time, 6:00 pm we started discussing the classroom rules and requirements. I like  the class because it ran smoothly and very organized. The discussion was so interesting though I had learned many things and even contradicted was so interesting though I had learned many things and even contradicted to some theories had discussed. Well, she supported them with reliable documents.

One thing that strikes me most was my Professor’s positive response of my question. There are a lot of things that I look forward to learn more with her. Part of growing is when you accept that you are not perfect and be humble. I want to be wise, so I am here.



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