My TESOL Experience

TESOL New York 2008
TESOL New York 2008 (Photo credit: Patricia Glogowski)

I was absent last Monday. I missed the experienced to be in the class. Here is what I have from my own readings. I hope I made a good comprehension with this.

Culture is composed of two parts: material and non material. Material culture includes those that can be seen and touched, such as clothing, houses, tools and food. Non – material culture consists of attitude, language, religion, beliefs, education, government and the arts.

I have learned that sometimes we are not aware that a certain culture is existed like beliefs and assumptions. This comprises our value system, body language, and social distance. There is also culture that is readily apparent to anyone like literature, language and how people conduct themselves at public ceremonies.

I have realized that in cultural intervention; language is important cultural carrier in transmission of once thought. As an English teacher, we need to have knowledge about the cultural background of our students. Later, we understand why it is difficult for them to produce a certain language like yours. Finally, we can help them in their language learning difficulties.

I am also having fun answering the questionnaires. I suddenly having developed self – knowledge and learning from whom and what is the most influential things for me that contribute in my personality development. Thank you God!


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  1. Marco says:

    Nice topic. You’ve done a great job on this.

    1. maricelmar says:

      Thank you Marco. I just tried not to give up and not to be intimidated by some great writer. Instead make them as my inspiration. How can I become one, if I won’t start writing. Thank you for your comment. I hope I will read yours soon. Your comment keeps me to write more.

    2. maricelmar says:

      I am looking forward reading your blog.

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