Lessons in Life

Another day has come to celebrate a new lessons of life as an English as a Second Language Teacher. I have learned about the application of Learner – oriented methods and Approaches which we need to give a lot of freedom for students. I really did so much fun when Professor Baxter had to group us into three and told us to complete a crossword with adjectives.

The first time it was so difficult to locate the twenty- five words. I thought it was easy but it is not. I really have to be keen in every detail and check if I did it right. Well, it turns out, I am learning. It really pays to learn on how to learn.

We had discussed also the theories of competence where in I have realized how important it was to know all the areas of competence. Being good at grammar is not assurance that you are a competent English speaker. These topics made feel a need to work harder, learning more and applied all the skills required to be an effective in using the language.

This reminds me to stay my feet on the ground. I have a lot of skills that I need to develop.



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