Conditions for Teacher by Research Simon Borg

Research involves systematic, intentional and self – critical inquiry about one’s work. Research can enhance the quality of education we have at present. He explains also the ten conditions that Simon Borg believed which affect the incident of teacher research; awareness, motivation, knowledge and skills, community, choice, mentoring, recognition, expectations, time, dissemination potential.

Research has a vital role in academe and the most important task of the expert teacher. As Dr. Presirla said that if you are in the academe, you have to publish an article or you will perish in the institution. Here in the Philippines, Research is the major need for a Professor in a University to stay in service.

We do research to give to the knowledge and to enhance the quality of the education of the school you are in.
I agree that it is important not only to promote teacher research but to promote quality teacher research. Additional time and effort from teachers are required. Teachers in the Philippines are too often loaded with subjects load and have no space for professional development and research. I would suggest that the school should follow the working load requirement and be given exact compensation so they can give their full energy with motivation in fulfilling their tasks.



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  1. maricelmar says:

    Thank you Christian for liking this post. This is my compilation of our writing journal and assignments in the class. Enjoy reading!

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