Beauty of Language

Beauty of language struck me in our discussion.


Its beauty gives appreciation of life. The language in literature and poetry are the language arts. From this discussion, I learn to appreciate life and the creator of everything who is God.

God gives us a tool for communication in order we can communicate our thoughts and feelings to others. Furthermore, we can express our praise and worship to Him.

No one knows how and where language exists. A lot of theories came out to explain this issue on how they begun and how we able to create another coinage of words.

The more I appreciate its beauty when we discussed about the descriptions of idioms, clichés, and figures of speech in usage of all languages. Amazing, right!

Therefore, the signals and symbols of a language is arbitrary, humans invest much emotion in these system. The most influential in fast spreading of a new word on masses are media. So, we should be aware and careful of ever words we utter.



What do you think?

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