Importance of the Language

Published: November 4, 2010

Good morning God! Another day has done. The gift of life that God has given to us gives us a chance to experience receiving more gifts, blessings and learning from other people.

Our teacher gave us the schedule and coverage of the exam. She explained about the importance terms in language learning Theories and Language – Teaching Methods; competence, performance, mother tongue, vernacular, discourse, diphthong, sibilant, denotation, connotation and some of the acronyms in language.

She also emphasized that it is all right to be silent at times because the learner are decoding some of the ideas. She also mentioned that Journal writing can encouraged us to express our ideas which give the teachers an opportunity to know us better. When we write journal it also promote effective learning and finally, we can ask questions.

We had an amazing review with the grammar and some of language theories. Despite of much tasks to finish, by grace of God, he provided us the sufficient strength to endure all these. It was overwhelming from our Professor. She is not only giving us the learning but also our worth when she gave last meeting some freebies. I really like the stuff that I pick up. I wear it everyday to remind about my calling and mission to be in the Ministry of teaching.


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