Don’t Forget to Remember

18th years has come along. One thing that we can’t forget… is how our mother hurts so much upon seeing her baby grown up and ready to leave.

She was so excited to leave the house. While packing her stuff, she didn’t hear any goodbye from her mom. Her mom was trying to be okay as if she was ready to see her leaving. Only she felt was EXCITEMENT and GREAT HAPPINESS that at last, she was free. She could do whatever she wants and could try whatever she likes. Her dad helped her bringing her baggage and assisted her through her new life as independent adult.

However, when she was in her new apartment where she felt less home, she felt something there was missing. She felt so lonely… ” I thought I want this?”. Why is it hurting inside? …as if it tears her apart and tears have started welling in her eyes when she remembers her family back home. She’s alone and heartbreaking. At the same time, she didn’t know how painful for her family as well to let her go. Every time her mom see her clothes, she breaks down and cry. Until… her grand mom, dad, sisters and brothers were shedding tears for her. Her dad asked,” Does my little girl remember me?


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