Lessons of My Life Today

High and lows

Why pain is inevitable? Why does God allow us to go through some great pressures and pains? I am reflecting on the things which are  happening to me now.

I have come across with difficult students, one who put me down, other tell me how least I am and the other test my patience and perseverance. My heart is so tired when they keep on coming back in my class; unfortunately, they can book in advance.

Despite all these, one student appreciates and point out my strengths. I don’t really like pleasing them and but I know this is God’s way, so I will trust on His ways.I have gone to  Church this Sunday bringing these pains and miseries inside. Well, I hope for answered prayers. The message in the preaching was about handling prodigals inspired by the Franklin’s Mother. I listen to what to Jesus say about them. Hmmmm…my difficult students are not my children, they are old, but the feelings of having them are the same as having prodigals.

Ruth Graham‘s pointed out during her interview the principles on how to handle prodigal sons. Here are the following principles that she mentioned:

The first advice was being a great trainer. Most of the great mothers now who are great trainers  learn from a dog trainer. Dog trainer gives simple instructions, and he always encourages  the dog by giving rewards. She thought it is a good way to train kids to obey their parents.She  added that  we  should have known to our children who is in authority.Thus, we don’t let them overrule us, parents. As regard to this,  Pastor Lucille explained that we should teach kids on how to pray as early as they learn how to speak. ( Prov. 13-24). Indeed, we must also discipline a child with a rod  to break his self-will.

Secondly,  we must  know how to differentiate between moral issues and non-moral issues clearly .Sometimes, we have tendencies  on mixing up these two. Moral issues are the values and characters while non-moral issues are the image that kids try to portray. We must hate the sin and not the sinner. We tell them that what they are doing is bad but not their fab and trend.

Third, the greatest among of all is love – unconditional love from a mother. Watch this YouTube when you wanted to know what love is .

Cor. 13-4-8 Love never fails. Keep on loving, and  keep on  praying for your children. I think this was the video clip  that move me to tears. See… how love could change the person. Despite of his disabilities, he has confidence.

Finally, let go…  We give God the freedom to move them. Wait. While waiting, pray hard. According to Ruth Graham, we should take the possible and trust God the impossible. Possible things are praying for our children, encouraging them, sacrificing for them and modeling. The impossible thing  is conversion. Allow God to work with in us. Ask God’s grace. Don’t get discourage nor discourage your children. Have mercy – mercy endures forever.

Reflecting on these principles makes me realized that I am fortunate enough because I am just a teacher who has  a difficult student for 30 minutes. Look at her, she suffers 20 more years until her death, having two prodigal sons. How much more God! God has a billions of men all over the world have gone astray. Could you imagine how painful  He felt?

After the service, all my questions have answered. God wants me to trust Him. He wants me to pray and allow Him to move and make miracles that I may become a living testimony. Thank you God!

Source : PREACHING OCT.16 by Lucille Beatingco


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