How does your first language interference with your English language development?

Learning a new language is a bit challenging because of the interference of the native language. Sometimes, the transmission of the message using the language is vague that which can lead to misconception. Here are two reasons on how my first language interferes with my English language development.

The first example is grammatical interference. I have trouble avoiding that when I speak in English, I tend to use my grammatical knowledge in my Bisayan language. For example, in American English, information is written with out “s”. However, in Philippine English, I have the tendency to add “s” because I remember that we teach that “s” should always be added if it is plural.

I have realized that cultural interference also plays a major factor in English development specifically in reading comprehension. First, reading an article written by an American is quite perplexing. It has always an implied meaning.  So, when I write, I think in a Filipino context. Because of this, my writing and reading comprehension  are so confusing that could sometimes gives the inappropriate meaning.

Finally, our culture hinders me to be more confident. We are taught to be less aggressive and quite. When we seem overconfident in an English class, people will labeled us arrogant.

Therefore, grammatical and cultural interferences in my native language are my challenges in English development.


What do you think?

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