What are your plans to improve your English?

The better my writing skills are, the better the impression I give to my students, and make to the other people around me. So, let me start with my plans on how to improve my writing skills.

First, I need to broaden my vocabulary by reading as much as possible. Most good writers are good readers. I have noticed I become busy and so lazy to read lately. I think I need to start-up my day reading a chapter and make reading as my habit and part of my life. I need to divide time for it. Also, I need to take the time to note how the author constructed sentences or formed their ideas.

Secondly, I need to have the courage to ask someone who has a good English skill to critic and proofread my work. It is always that we can learn something from our mistakes. I can address some issues that I don’t know before.

Third, I have to adapt a particular writing styles that I want to improve. I can enroll a class specific to writing lessons. Example is an introductory writing class perhaps in a local college.

Fourth, I need to spend my time to think in English while writing and study intermediate and advanced grammar. I know this sound boring but all the way it is very helpful for me when I want to be a better writer. Now, I am investing in a grammar books and reliable sources on the net.

Indeed, To have a better writing doesn’t happen overnight. There are times when  I need to spend on writing, editing, rewriting process and reading. This simply means, I need to spend time if I want to improve.

I won’t stop learning. If I want to make better, I won’t think I am the best. To improve is not merely on the plans on what and how will I do it, but what is important is how I keep up on motivating myself  to realize  plans.





What do you think?

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